Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Liebster Blog Award

The Liebster Blog Award recognises your favourite bloggers with under 200 Google Friend Connect followers. Sort of like chain mail, if you get nominated, you then can choose another 11 people to pass on the award to! Each nominee writes 11 things about themselves, answers 11 questions posed by the previous blogger and then asks 11 questions of their own. Kathryn over at SomeUnderground so kindly featured me in her eleven blog choices so, here we are..
11 facts about me;
+ I spend the majority of my money on clothes, however I wouldn’t class myself as materialistic. 
+ I love dashchund’s and plan on buying one when I move out.
+ I keep a lot of things to myself when it comes to family.

+ I’ve been ‘borrowing’ (/never giving back) my nan’s clothes since I was 14.

+ I find it extremely hard to let people out of my life and constantly think if it was a mistake to do so.
+ I get quietly excited going to charity shops just because anything could be in there.
+ My room is starting to look like a clothes shop.
+I'm a worrier.. I worry about anything!

+I've ended up taking a 'unexpected' year out, which I never plannend on doing, which really knocked my confidence.. slowly getting back to finding what I want to do.
+I wash my hands about 20 times a day if I get the chance, if not sanitizer all round.
+Alex Zane is literally the perfect man. 

Kathryn’s Questions;
+ What sort of person do you think you'll be in 20 years? I’d be 39.I would hope to be happy/comfortable about myself. Growing up can be so much pressure so hopefully that will of changed. I’d also like to think I’d have a career that I enjoyed, I want to go into visual merchandising so maybe that would of actually happened by then?      

+ Why did you start blogging? I was always coming across other blogs, thinking “oo I like that outfit, I like this blah blah” but needed an account to comments.. I made one, then just sat one day thinking about things and thought I’d write it down, that eventually turned into a hobby blogging on a weekly basis. 

+ What do you think about the most? Everything! I over think anything and everything.. Since leaving secondary school in 2009, I became so self conscious.. I never used to be but it just came out of the blue. If I meet somebody new I instantly feel self conscious, and think what do they think of me, even if I don’t like them as a person I still want them to like me. I even get self conscious with friends I’ve known since I was 3/4. I don’t really tell anyone as it seems silly that I post my face all over my blog but then say I’m self conscious. I think blogging is easier than actually speaking to real people (face to face). The thing I think about the most is how to not be self conscious I suppose?

+ Is there a song that fills you with energy? Jamie T- Chaka Demus

+ Which is your favourite pair of shoes? I got floral doc’s for Christmas, the brogue type.. They are currently my fave.

+ Who was the last person you wrote a letter to? My friend Sophie, (well it was a card/ had a lot of writing in). I remember us saying how nobody writes to each so, I sent her birthday card through the post. It was a while ago though.

+ What do you usually carry in your bag? Purse, Phone, Glasses/Case, Leather Gloves (in winter), a Lip Balm, A lipstick, Hairbrush & house keys and whatever I buy which fits in my bag that day.

+ If you could inherit one ability from an animal, what would it be? (eg, heat vision/ flight) Birds are lucky how they can just fly around and fly away from things, I’d fly. 

+ What are you really good at? I’d like to say sewing however I’m abit of ‘get it done’ than ‘quality checking’. Maybe reading. Or shopping, I’m good at shopping. 

+ Who inspires you? People who are truly happy with what they have.
Paloma Faith, I would of said Alexa Chung to, maybe.

+ Can you tell me about a piece of treasure you own? I have a silver eye ring, which I hardly ever take off, it doesn’t have sentimental meaning or anything, I just really love it. 

My Questions;
/ What is your favourite book to read?
/ Do you have a favourite item of clothing?
/ Who is the most inspirational person in your life?
/ If you could only buy one thing each year (clothing wise), what would that one thing be?
/ Fave film?
/ Most interesting place you have ever visited?
/ Do you have a certain drink you have when out for meals?
/ What magazine would you most recommend to read?
/ Which three words would you use to describe yourself?
/ Have you ever had a best friend? 
/ What is your everyday make-up look?

My blog choices;

Out of all the blogs I follow, the majority have over 200 followers, so rather than adding them to this post I have just linked the four bloggers above. The other blogs I wanted to link have already done a post like this therefore I didn't want to ask them to do it again. I have put off posting this as I wanted to feature 11 blogs but I don't want to leave it any longer hence why I have only featured these four blogs. 

Monday, 25 February 2013

OOTD; Vintage Denim Jacket

denim jacket | ebay | £20ish
bag | cambridge satchel company | £90ish
pinafore | actually my nans 
blouse | charity shop | £3.00
I don't really like posting a outfit straight after another but I didn't blog last week apart from Monday, I've had quite a lot going on which meant blogging had to take a back seat for a week, so sorry about that. As you can probably tell it was extremely windy taking these outfit pictures, (I'm surprised my tripod didn't blow over) if only I had a brother or sister to take my blog pictures hey?
I bought this jacket quite a while ago via. eBay, I think its a nice kind of statement to a plain outfit and will be great for the British 'so called' summer.
I'll have a few DIY's coming up soon also, so maybe keep an eye out for them.
I hope you're all well!

Monday, 18 February 2013

OOTD; Floral Suit

matching suit | topshop sale | £45 for both
hat | tesco | £15
I've wanted a matching suit for such a long time now, I particularly liked how this one is actually a t-shirt and trousers rather than a jacket. Its in this amazing quilted floral fabric, and can always be worn separate with just a plain skirt/ t-shit. I think this outfit could be my favourite thing/s I own at the minute, and £45 for both is super cheap!
 I'm sure you'll be seeing these items a lot on here.
After taking these pictures I was clicking through them thinking why the hell does this hat look so big? However by that time I had no make up on and my hair in a topknot, so I'm afraid a giant hat will have to do for today's post. Hope you are all well!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Unlikely Icons: Where the wild things are.

Earlier this week I watched Where The Wild Things Are, for the first time. To tell the truth I wasn't the biggest fan of the story (although I did cry) but I did really enjoy how it was filmed, it truly is a beautifully edited film. However watching the film did get me thinking about the costumes so I thought it would be perfect for a unlikely icon blog post:
I have chosen two characters from the film first being 'Alexander' who I think is a goat? I didn't like the idea of an entire outfit of faux fur so I kept the top half faux fur and the bottom pretty simple. I used the same colour as his fur for the coat and turtle neck top, then kept to beige for the trousers and bag.. and of course all goats need glittery gold shoes. 
Secondly is Max, probably the best fancy dress costume around at the moment, (if you google it you'll see what I mean, grown men in squirrel suits and a gold crown!) however I decided to go for a 'less obvious' outfit. I've kept to the 'one piece' using this all white jumpsuit. An the ever so obvious crown, this is a lace crown from Regal Rose (here), For the socks.. If Max would of being a girl of course he'd have frilly socks on for strolling round the woods. 
(all images via. Polyvore)

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Disco Dupes

Disco Pants, I think by now everybody knows about disco pants. They are your one chance to walk around feeling like Sandy from Grease. American Apparel were the 'original' disco pants sellers but as always the high street shops jumper right on board selling them for a much cheaper price than their £74 price tag.
disco pant | american apparel | £74.00
I bought these ones about a year/ maybe year and a half ago, I bought gold as I thought for the price I wanted to get some that are abit more of a statement and preferred them to the plain black.
Quality: In terms of quality I find the pants really good, the colour is 'true to form' and really captures the light when you where them, they are exactly how they look online. All the seams seem tight and secure and the majority of the seems are double stitched so they don't feel as if the pants are going to rip with them being so tight.
Size/Fit: Choosing what size to buy was probably the hardest part for me, (I bought mine online) If you can go in to the shop to try them on that would probably be best, but I'm usually a 10/12 and a size small is fine for me, they are the kind of pants you need to be tight, they would look silly loose.. The fact you might have to lie down to zip them up can be a secret. 
Price: Although the price is pretty off putting, I actually do think they are worth it, don't get me wrong a couple of pounds off would help but you get what you pay for I suppose. You could always wait for a discount code to pop up somewhere, you get 15% off when you sign up to the American Apparel Website to, so you could get atleast that off. (website here)

Speaking of you get what you pay for, I'm going to compare Primark's Disco Pant Dupes, in Black.
disco style pants | primark | £16.00
Quality: In comparison to AA, the fabric feels quite similar in thickness and feel, however not as smooth as the other fabric. The leg seems are sewn differently but still feel secure and don't feel asif they would rip easily (fingers crossed hey?) I mean you can tell that the pants are disco pants as the pockets look different, but as the pants are black I don't think it really matters.  
Size/Fit: I bought these in a size 10 after trying the 12 to, although they might feel a little snug when getting them on, once they are actually on they feel fine, I haven't worn these out yet but around the house they fit quite well. 
Price: £16.00, cheap as anything. I mean they aren't going to be to fantastic for under £20.00 but they do the job and I don't think anyone would even tell once they are on with a full outfit. Just as long as they don't rip any time soon I'm happy with my bargain pants.

I have bought dupes from Daisy Street via. eBay to, however I much prefer the Primark ones as they feel much more like original disco pants. A lot of high street shops do have a wide range of similar ones now so I think you could find some wherever you shop& whatever your budget. Out of the two pairs, I prefer the American Apparel pants, maybe if they had the Primark price tag it would make me buy a pair in every colour but for now just one pair of metallic gold pants is fine with me. Have you found any good dupes lately? Let me know& I hope you are all well. 


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

OOTD; Faux Fur Yeti

coat | matalan sale | £20.00
dress | h&m | old
necklace | diy from bracelet 
bag | cambridge satchel company | £80-£90
I think this coat could be my most 'exciting' item of clothing I own.. I'm not into the whole 'plain black coat to match any outfit' thing. Statements coats can always add something new to a outfit &a green faux fur one, what more could you want from a coat? I haven't bought a new coat in a long time simply because I went through this crazy coat buying stage a year or so ago, and now own ALOT of coats. Therefore I have being trying my best to wear the ones I already have, but seeing this I just knew there was no way I could leave it on the rails (and for just £20 to). I literally grabbed it as fast as my arms could move. Above I've worn it with the lilac/purple velvet dress, I liked how they clash not only with the colours but the different textures to. However I do think the coat would work well with a really dressed down jeans kind of outfit leaving the coat to be the focus, I think I'm going to wear it with trousers/jeans and a white blouse next time. I know not everybody is going to love it but I do have to say this is one of my favourite things in my wardrobe right now.
Hope you are all well.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sunday Steal

sequin blazer | charity shop | £5.00
This weeks steal is this sequin jacket, I have being looking on eBay for one for quite a while but always ended up being outbid, I thought I'd wait to see if I could spot one when out..
I was shopping when I saw this one, its pretty much exactly what I wanted, and doesn't even have a sequin missing which is so good thinking it is second-hand. It looks plain black until the light hits the different sequins which then make you look a bit like a walking disco ball, I love it. It also has the black beading along the edges, which have a scalloped kind of detail, as well as little button fastening on the front. It is oversized but I like clothes when they are to big so win win. 
For just a fiver I think I would be silly to leave it on the rail.


Friday, 8 February 2013

Inspired by: Paloma Faith

all images via. polyvore
I was thinking about new things I could post about on here a while ago, when I thought of these 'inspiration posts'. I did a few 'unlikely icon's posts' (here). So I'm going to carry on with that along with more likely icons.. Today is Paloma Faith. 
I don't think I really need to explain myself for this choice, she is well know for her fashion choices, alot of people have criticised her way of dressing but I think that just makes her even more of a inspiration, she really doesn't care what others think of her clothes. From fruit bowl hat's to amazing vintage dresses, Paloma always looks fantastic. I used this image as I thought it was quite casual for her, I liked the leopard print and thought I'd create a outfit of my own using that as a starting point. I swapped leather for lace detail shorts, then added a hat and satchel for a more day wear look.. 

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

OOTD; Printed Blazer

blazer | asos sale | £40.00
blouse | charity shop | £3.00
shorts | miss selfridge | £28.00
I've shown this blazer before on here, but not actually wearing it. I'm glad I bought the it because it's so 'wearable'  and good for layering, the whole theme of the jacket is easy to match things with considering its patterned to. I thought I'd wear this with  these shorts that I've had for quite a while now, they are slightly to big for me but the tie belt helps hold them up (I picked up the wrong size as they were the last ones left, I don't do that any more you'll be glad to know ££). I'm getting pretty good with my 'don't waste money' rule and sticking to it, unless something is just impossible to not buy. It was really windy trying to photograph this outfit hence why my hair looks like a lions mane /mess so sorry about that.
I hope you are all well. 


Saturday, 2 February 2013

Mad for Matching

Lately I've being crazy for matching suits, a lot of the ones I have thought about buying have being a tad to pricey considering just how much wear I'd actually get out of them. Instead of buying the whole suit I've been buying just one piece (e.g. just the blazer or just the trousers) which got me thinking of how you could make a suit out of odd clothes, I know it's not going to be everybody cup of tea but I think if you stuck to a few rules when doing it, it could work well:
- stick to a colour scheme? 
- if one item is patterned keep the other plain 
- block colour shoes,tops etc. when wearing it all together
left; I liked the bold pattern top and how it clashed with the blazer, with having the top part clashing I kept to simple trousers and plain black shoes.
right; With this look I stuck to a colour theme of peach/lilac, the colour of the shoes match the colours featured in the pants creating the whole look. 
left; With such a statement blazer I wouldn't add any other patterns as it would just be to much, so instead I used different textures, such as the shiny pants, and metal detailing on the shoes.
right; This outfit seriously clashes but I think it actually works well, I added just a plain black crop to break up the patterns slightly. Alot of people say life is to short to wear boring clothes therefore silver (kind of moon) boots it is.
I think the whole suit thing is either a love it or hate it, but I like how it looks quite masculine in such a feminine way. I spotted a floral matching top&trousers in the Topshop sale yesterday and just had to get them, hopefully the sizes I bought will actually fit well (I wasn't quick enough on the sale bandwagon).
I hope you are all well, &let me know if matching is a yes or a big no go for you? 
all images via. polyvore
I haven't listed where the items are from however if you want to know just leave a comment and I'll be sure to tell you.