Thursday, 26 April 2012

Eye Eye

Eye jewellery you either love it or absolutely hate it. I LOVE IT//
I've wanted a sterling silver ring with a evil eye on for a good few months now but couldn't find one anywhere, I mean I've bought the £5 ones from Topshop, tried making my own.. bought bits off ebay but none were quite right. However all my time paid off as I was recently on Esty and came across this ring. I have never received such good customer service, the seller even sent me images of the ring before he posted it to me to check it was what I wanted (it was all I wanted and even more, I was so so excited to get it). 

I am absolutely over the moon with this ring.. It makes me actually happy when I look at it.

Monday, 23 April 2012

DIY; Fringed Tops

Today I went into town with my boyfriend, he got pretty scared when we went to the mens section in Primark and I started picking things out for myself haha. I got these tops quite cheap because I thought they'd look pretty good after I did abit of DIY on them. I also treated myself to a new American Apparel dress, I annoy myself when it comes to AA skater dresses because I could make one in a few hours for about £5.00 worth of material, but I just don't have the time at the moment//the quality wouldn't be the same. I have the peachy one but really liked the navy blue one so I went all out and spent some pennies £££. 
Jimmy Hendrix Top; £8.00; Primark
Ombre Tee; £7.00; Primark 
Salmon//Pink Top; £2.50; Primark 
AA Skater Dress; £39.00; American Apparel 

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Four Favourites; Clothing

This week I've been such a bad blogger.. I haven't blogged since last Sunday. (BADDD) 
I was getting abit bored of my own outfit posts and it became abit of a routine, I want to make posts worth reading +I've been stupidly busy and not just with work which makes a change. So, I thought for today as a change I'd do a 'fave things' kind of post. None of these are new buys or recent but I wear them so often and thought I'd share them. To be honest you might of seen them on here before but still..  
All of these things are pretty old now, I got the studded pumps from Topshop but have a look on ebay and places like boohoo as EVERYWHERE are doing them now, much cheaper to. The tassel jacket I got from ebay for £18.00 but it was originally £50.00 from Topshop. My leopard coat was Topshop to for about £90-ish in the winter, &this denim shirt which I wear as a dress was my nans .. We'll say vintage hey? 
Promise I wont be missing for a whole other week, Hope you're all well. 

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Ombre Tips; Hair

First of all, I'm not in anyway claiming to be a hair pro/hairdresser, this is simply my experience&how I did my hair. When I wanted to ombre my hair it looked at lots of blog posts, youtube video's etc. but the wasn't one that made me feel 'secure' about bleaching my hair, it was all either them putting on the bleach or just images so I'm going to post about my hair, see if mine can be abit different&hopefully pretty helpful.

What is ombre hair?
Ombre or 'dip dying' the hair is basically just a graduation of color, from light to dark, or dark to light. The most common you will probably see is black/brown to a blonde colour although now colours are getting pretty big to.
What bleach/how do I do it?
Now, alot of people think a highlighting kit will give you this effect but your hair will have to be naturally blonde/really really light&never dyed for that to work, so bleach is your option. You could always go to the hairdressers but I think a 'alternative hairdressers' would do the job much better for you, many hairdressers kind of just give you a block kind of colour, a block of brown hair on top then bright blonde on the bottom, When I went to see about mine they didn't have a clue what I was on about so I went for the DIY option. 
Any bleach will do, I used Loreal Paris, Perfect Blonde creme this time for about £6.50 from Superdrug. 
The kits have everything in, all you will need is tin foil (optional) and a colouring brush(optional to). Now the kit has instructions but they will normally be for a full head of hair or re-colouring the roots, stick to them but only apply the colour on the bottoms of your hair (however and wherever you want). I part my hair into sections then lay it on to a piece of tinfoil, apply the bleach then wrap it up for 20-25 minutes. (Youtube have alot of video's going threw the exact steps which you might want to have a look at). I was nervous of it looking silly if I put the bleach in the wrong place but this is the joy of ombre.. It can't really go TO wrong, I mean it can go wrong, what can't? But the are no rules for example highlights need to be evenly spaced and about the same width.. this doesn't, obviously start the bleach from the bottom as that's what you want to be the 'dip dye' part. Your aiming for the look asif you've put the ends of your hair in a tub of blonde paint hah. Alot of people just apply the bleach with their hands (gloves on of course) which might be a easier option for you? If I was going to tell you something.. Less is more the first time, you can always rinse it out and apply more bleach however one its on your hair you can't take it off and do it differently.
Me, Personally.
I have ombre'd my hair three times (today being the third) however I didn't do this all at once, I've had my hair like this for 8/9 months, each time I was happy with the result but it does look pretty ginger the first time. I wouldn't recommend you using bleach often as it really does ruin your hair, just try your best to keep it in its best condition, I have really split ends because of the bleach but what can you do hey?
Just for a comparison for the top of my hair to the bottoms; 
It does look pretty scary (even to myself) when I look at this but it blends so easily.
Basically when you buy bleach/ombre your hair you may as well be buying split ends so, just be aware of that.
I hope this has helped in a way, I didn't want to just post loads of picture of my hair, I wanted to point out how it does ruin your hair, I know this is really bad to say but I think it's well worth it .. You only live once so who really cares about a add few split ends& spending a few more £££ to keep your hair from looking like a pile of hay. 
Hope your all well. 


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Topshop Tie Dye


TIE DYE SPLIT COVER UP; £26.00; (link)
TIE DYE SKATER SKIRT; £20.00; (link)
BURNOUT FLAG VEST; £20.00; (link)
I was recently on the Topshop website& these caught my eye, I'm a big fan of pastels and of dye so these were all so up my street as they say. The skirt is my most favourite of all, and I just thought they deserved abit of space on my blog really.. With so called British summer coming. Better get buying. 

Friday, 6 April 2012

Tassels and Rose Gold

I haven't done a post about buying things for a while now but I haven't bought much in ages.. I went shopping with my dad today and got these bits (thank god for pay day). After reading all the blog posts about Real Techniques brushes I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon. I used my boots point to purchase it so it didn't even cost me one penny ££. Then I went to H&M, I've wanted the cuff for ages but when I got home I realised I'd bought M/L (clever) so its abit big but still, If I layer it hopefully I wont loose it. I also got this tassel t-shirt&bag from ZARA, I LOVE tassels so it was a perfect thing for me. Also I got these three little velvet scrunchies which I plan to wear if I just have my hair in a top knot or whatever. I hate plain hair.. 
Hopefully I'll be able to post abit more often this week, sorry.
Hope you are all well. 
Leopard Skater Dress; H&M; £7.99
Rose Gold Cuff; H&M; £3.99
Velvet Scrunchies; 99 pence each
Real Techniques Stippling Brush; £11.99; Boots
Bag; ZARA; £19.99 (also have black&red)
Tassel Top; ZARA; £19.99