Thursday, 14 February 2013

Disco Dupes

Disco Pants, I think by now everybody knows about disco pants. They are your one chance to walk around feeling like Sandy from Grease. American Apparel were the 'original' disco pants sellers but as always the high street shops jumper right on board selling them for a much cheaper price than their £74 price tag.
disco pant | american apparel | £74.00
I bought these ones about a year/ maybe year and a half ago, I bought gold as I thought for the price I wanted to get some that are abit more of a statement and preferred them to the plain black.
Quality: In terms of quality I find the pants really good, the colour is 'true to form' and really captures the light when you where them, they are exactly how they look online. All the seams seem tight and secure and the majority of the seems are double stitched so they don't feel as if the pants are going to rip with them being so tight.
Size/Fit: Choosing what size to buy was probably the hardest part for me, (I bought mine online) If you can go in to the shop to try them on that would probably be best, but I'm usually a 10/12 and a size small is fine for me, they are the kind of pants you need to be tight, they would look silly loose.. The fact you might have to lie down to zip them up can be a secret. 
Price: Although the price is pretty off putting, I actually do think they are worth it, don't get me wrong a couple of pounds off would help but you get what you pay for I suppose. You could always wait for a discount code to pop up somewhere, you get 15% off when you sign up to the American Apparel Website to, so you could get atleast that off. (website here)

Speaking of you get what you pay for, I'm going to compare Primark's Disco Pant Dupes, in Black.
disco style pants | primark | £16.00
Quality: In comparison to AA, the fabric feels quite similar in thickness and feel, however not as smooth as the other fabric. The leg seems are sewn differently but still feel secure and don't feel asif they would rip easily (fingers crossed hey?) I mean you can tell that the pants are disco pants as the pockets look different, but as the pants are black I don't think it really matters.  
Size/Fit: I bought these in a size 10 after trying the 12 to, although they might feel a little snug when getting them on, once they are actually on they feel fine, I haven't worn these out yet but around the house they fit quite well. 
Price: £16.00, cheap as anything. I mean they aren't going to be to fantastic for under £20.00 but they do the job and I don't think anyone would even tell once they are on with a full outfit. Just as long as they don't rip any time soon I'm happy with my bargain pants.

I have bought dupes from Daisy Street via. eBay to, however I much prefer the Primark ones as they feel much more like original disco pants. A lot of high street shops do have a wide range of similar ones now so I think you could find some wherever you shop& whatever your budget. Out of the two pairs, I prefer the American Apparel pants, maybe if they had the Primark price tag it would make me buy a pair in every colour but for now just one pair of metallic gold pants is fine with me. Have you found any good dupes lately? Let me know& I hope you are all well. 


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