Friday, 8 February 2013

Inspired by: Paloma Faith

all images via. polyvore
I was thinking about new things I could post about on here a while ago, when I thought of these 'inspiration posts'. I did a few 'unlikely icon's posts' (here). So I'm going to carry on with that along with more likely icons.. Today is Paloma Faith. 
I don't think I really need to explain myself for this choice, she is well know for her fashion choices, alot of people have criticised her way of dressing but I think that just makes her even more of a inspiration, she really doesn't care what others think of her clothes. From fruit bowl hat's to amazing vintage dresses, Paloma always looks fantastic. I used this image as I thought it was quite casual for her, I liked the leopard print and thought I'd create a outfit of my own using that as a starting point. I swapped leather for lace detail shorts, then added a hat and satchel for a more day wear look.. 

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  1. I love Paloma's style, particularly when she looks a bit more feminine and vintage! You've picked some great items though, they definitely emulate the look well. I love the leopard and hat especially! xo