Friday, 30 August 2013

OOTD; Better Late Than Never/ Mom Jeans

jacket | zara sale | £20ish
white crop top | new look | £5.00
'mom' jeans | charity shop | £1.00
silver platforms | zara sale | £25ish
Mom jeans were a huge trend this summer, to tell the truth I'm not really a fan of jeans but I spotted these for £1 and thought I may as well try them. They actually fit really well and I know I'll get a lot of wear out especially this winter, seriously can't complain for just £1 even if they do have a elasticated granny waist band. I've previously shown this jacket but not in a outfit, this and the silver platforms were from the zara sale& I'm so glad I picked them up, I just don't want to take the shoes off, ever. 
Hope you're all well.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Wednesday Wishlist

I seriously love every single thing on today's wish list.. To bad I don't have a lot of spare money floating around. The yellow faux fur coat is may favourite, just imagine been able to walk round looking like a giant pom pom, I'd love it. 
Hope you are all well.


Monday, 26 August 2013

OOTD; Sunflower Shirt

sunflower shirt | american apparel | £40.00
skater dress | american apparel | £40.00
I think the world has seen the sunflower range at American Apparel now& I had truly convinced myself I wasn't going to pay this much for just a cropped blouse but after seeing the pattern everywhere, including Paloma Faith in her matching two-sie, I just couldn't resist. So here I am jumping on the flower themed band wagon. I did limit myself to just the shirt though, then this grey skater dress to. I have two others which have lasted me for such a long time, so £40 isn't really bad for such good quality.
 Hope you're all well. 


Saturday, 24 August 2013

OOTD; Why do you have eyes on your chest?

top | dr martens | £20 (here)
skirt | charity shop | £1.00
boots | old
necklace | charity shop | £2.00ish
If you don't already know, I'm a big lover of eyes/eye print, I have a eye ring which I never ever seem to take off, so when I saw top on the Dr Martens website months back it was hard to not buy it. I eventually talked myself out of buying it just because I didn't really need it (not that I so much need it now), but when it was half price on the website I couldn't really say no. It's part of the Agyness Deyn collaboration so probably won't be on there much longer however if you do buy it prepare for the funny looks you'll probably receive walking around with two eyeball pretty much on your boobs, nobody likes boring clothes though do they!
Hope you're all well.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Top A/W Trends;

When it comes to actual 'fashion trends' I usually know what they are but never dress in a certain way to be 'on trend', I thought to maybe inspire me to dress on trend a bit more I'd share a few outfit ideas/top picks based on the top trends for this Autumn and Winter;
(the items range from high street to designer, just for inspiration I wouldn't personally pay £1,000 for a coat but I'm sure you or I could find something similar)
trend one | statement cocoon coats


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

What I bought; For just under £15

pastel pink coat | £4.00
detailed jacket | £3.00
long kimono | £5.00
polka dot two piece | £2.25
I haven't done a what I bought post in such a long time, mainly because the money I had went into the holiday savings jar, but I can always a few pennies left over for charity shops of course! 
The first coat is something I've been looking for, I really like the idea of pastels in the winter months so I now own this pastel pink and also a pastel blue coat (seen in my last post), I hate to say it but I can't wait to wear them on the cold train journeys to uni. The gold style jacket was really cheap to considering how much work is in, its really heavy, I've worn it already with a snakeskin blouse and felt asif I should be in some kind of animal print tribe. Also, I've been wanting a floor length kimono/jacket for a while now and I think this one will be really good for layering. Last but not least, the polka dot two piece was a absolute steal at pretty much £2, everything in the charity shop was half price, but even at £4.50 for both is cheap, I've hemmed the top into a crop but really like how the midi skirt looks with it. 
So for the best part of £15.00 I really can't complain.
Hope you're all well!


Sunday, 18 August 2013

Sunday Steal

bomber jacket | zara | £20ish
So, I travel all the way to Rome and where do I go shopping.. zara, the place we have at home.
Although I say this, I picked up two things I really wanted that I don't think are stocked locally to me, or maybe I just haven't spotted them. The first being this jacket, it was a absolute steal in the sale costing me only 22euro's reduced from 80euro's. Although I'm not to keen on the blue stripe detail the print was just to perfect not to buy, I actually quite like the shape of the jacket to which isn't something I'd normally go for, overall it's such a good buy and I know I'll get a lot of wear out of it, maybe I should travel to do my shopping more often. Have you found anything great in the sales?


Friday, 16 August 2013

OOTD; Matching Pastels

coat | charity shop | £7.00
white tee | topshop | £15.00
trousers | topshop sale | £20.00
shoes | topshop (old) | £50.00
This outfit was one of them 'I've fell together' looks, I didn't really mean to match my coat and pants but actually really liked it when I put it on, sorry for the mirror picture to. I was trying on the well seen American Apparel sunflower crop and skirt in the changing rooms. I finally bit the bullet& bought just the sunflower crop and another skater dress, a grey one to add to my growing collection. They are pretty pricey for what they are but I do admit having left of spending money made me feel much less guilty about buying them after lusting after them for a fair few weeks. 
Hope you're all well.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

When in Rome; part three

Whenever you think about Rome as a city, I think the architecture is the first thing that comes to mind, from the ancient ruins to everyday houses. One of the most famous is the Vatican City, I'm not a very religious person but the amount of work gone into every tiny piece of each wall/door/ceiling is truly amazing! Even the usual churches just off the side streets are breathtaking, I even got the chance to watch people praying/singing which surprisingly made me really emotional, nothing is half done in Rome that's for sure.


Monday, 12 August 2013

When in Rome; What I Wore

what I'm wearing (day one);
vest top | zara
skirt | charity shop
belt | charity shop
satchel | cambridge satchel company
sunglasses | h&m 
shoes | juju jellies 
what I'm wearing (day two);
crop & skirt | charity shop
satchel | cambridge satchel company
sunglasses | h&m 
shoes | juju jellies 
(something similar) play-suit | fashion union | £19
what I'm wearing (day three);
top| vintage fair
shorts | levis/urban outfitters
satchel | cambridge satchel company
sunglasses | h&m 
shoes | juju jellies  
(something similar) sunflower top | store envy | £10
I have the same bag with every single outfit but it was just much easier, also pretty much the same shoes but juju's were the comfiest shoes for walking around in such hot temperatures, sorry that most of these outfits have been shown on my blog before. 

Saturday, 10 August 2013

When in Rome; part one

I didn't have a chance to blog last week since I was away in Rome, I arrived home yesterday&already wanting to go back. It truly was the most beautiful city I've ever visited, Barcelona is now a second (close but still second). I'm going to split my posts up into three parts just so it's not to photo heavy. These are just a few general photographs I took whilst there, I loved the atmosphere more than anything hence the miscellaneous choice of images, and let's face it everybody knows what the Colosseum looks like, however it is pretty fantastic to walk around.
Hope you are all doing well!