Friday, 31 January 2014

OOTD; Sandals but it's still not spring..

Shirt (collar shown) | Charity Shop 
Jumper | Primark | £10.00
Dress | American Apparel | £40.00
Sandals | eBay | £25.00
Coat | Topshop | £80.00
Classy changing room photograph, I bought these white sandals off eBay earlier last week after giving into the craving of white chunky shoes. I wasn't sure on the black tight combo but I really wanted to wear them so thought why not, buying new shoes to 'save' until summer is really hard so I just wore them anyway.
I think this outfit looks abit like a spice girl tribute with the velvet scrunchie and mix of pastel colours but pastels are seriously cheering up the rainy train rides to uni so, pastels it is.
Topshop had some gorgeous things in, I loved this pink velvet skirt but it just looked horrible on me so I didn't end up getting it, something I'll probably end up regretting, I did buy the sparkly sequin top though.
(I'm going to post a Topshop wishlist later next week).
Hope you're all well & enjoy the weekend.


Monday, 27 January 2014

OOTD; Pastel Blue, PVC & Pineapples

Jumper | Primark | £10.00
Skirt | ASOS sale | £15.00
Earrings | h&m (old) | £8.00ish
I think I should start this post by saying sorry for my awkward posing, believe it or not these were the best out of what photographs I took. Some day's my outfit pictures just doesn't work but I wanted to put a post up so awkward pictures it is. I've loved the 'eyelash' jumper trend for ages now and still not over the whole pastel thing so, a pastel blue eyelash jumper was always going to be a yes in my books. I spotted this one in primark for just £10 as well as a long sleeved pastel green one to, which was also only £10. They probably won't last very long but for a tenner each I don't think it really matters. 
I bought the pineapple earrings absolutely ages ago but still haven't worn them out so at least I get to share them in a blog post. 
I thought I'd share a dress I made in uni last week to, it's called a subtraction dress and the fabric it's made from I actually designed myself. It's my most favourite thing I've made so far & makes uni work a lot more bearable when you manage to make something you actually like.
I hope you're all well. 


Saturday, 11 January 2014

OOTD; Top to Toe

top | asos | £28.00
shorts | asos | £28.00
necklace | asos sale | £20.00
I wore this outfit for my friends 21st party last night, it was so fun but I'm seriously paying for it now in my hungover state. Lately I haven't found anything in the shops that I have really loved, I think the sales tend to ruin it after awhile when it's just a load of stuff nobody's bought & no space for anything new for customers to buy. Anyway, I spotted this matching top and short set on ASOS & then found the necklace in the sale which I thought would be perfect with it. Sometimes ordering on ASOS can be a bit risky as things don't always look how they did online, luckily this wasn't one of these things& it's really nice quality to, I liked the mesh detail as its quite subtle but still detailed. I really want to wear the necklace with really casual t-shirts to, like band top's or I'm bidding on a cute cat one on eBay as we speak.
I hope you're all well& enjoying the weekend.


Thursday, 2 January 2014

OOTD; Coat Crazy

coat | topshop sale | £50.00
bag | cambridge satchel company
hat | charity shop
boots | vintage
dress | matalan
I'd like to start by apologising for my bitch face in these pictures, Apart from having what I think is the flu (happy new year and all) I think I was trying to concentrate on taking a picture but just look like a seriously grumpy girl. Anyway, I'm starting to think my new years resolution should of been to stop buying coats as its become a actual obsession, I wanted this fluffy blue one before Christmas but chose to get the pink instead, when I spotted it in the sale at almost half price I thought why not?
Although the outfit isn't very exciting I got quite few funny looks wearing a hat whilst shopping, little did everyone know it was to take the attention from how awful my skin is lately, having the skin of a teenage boy at twenty years old is a nightmare. I think hats distract from everything and instantly make outfits look more 'put together' almost as if a lot of effort has gone into them when sometimes they haven't.
The lesson I've learnt .. feel like shit? wear a hat.
Hope you're all well (and not needing to wear hats for the same reason as myself)