Monday, 24 September 2012

OOTD; Bargain Vintage

Normally Saturdays are a pretty lazy day for me, but this week I was a busy bee. My friend got us tickets for a vintage fair in Liverpool, when we got there the wasn't actually too much stuff we wanted to buy so we headed up to Bold Street, this is where a lot of the vintage shops and little boutique style shops are. I've wanted a black bowler hat for such a long time but they were always sold out at Topshop& others I have tried have always been a weird shape for my head, then I spotted this one in a little shop in Quiggins, it was only £5.00 to which was a bargain, I also spotted this floral dress in a shop called Raiders Vintage, it was in the sale section and was just £5.00 too. Pretty much a vintage outfit for £10.00 which I feel is really good. I think people put the word vintage infront of the word dress and instantly add another nought onto it. £££. We got stopped by Grazia Street Style, they are doing a whole week of street style.. I don't normally read Grazia but it was still nice to be stopped.
Beth has a blog too, if you fancy taking a peek; HERE
Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


Monday, 17 September 2012

OOTD; Tartan Shirt& Midi Skirt

I think midi skirts are a good Autumn piece as you can mix them up with a few different things. Tights sometimes don't look quite right due to where midi skirts sit, but I think socks can work well instead. Also ankle boots are always a winner with midi skirts too, I think Autumn is a good time to leave your ankles out even if they are left feeling abit chilly, especially with the English weather anyway, I think ankles would fall off if they had to fight our winter weather. I got this shirt for just £1 from a charity shop, it looks a bit like a pyjamas top but it actually isn't.. Mind you pyjama are meant to be on trend at the minute to.  
Skirt; Peacocks
Socks; Topshop
Shoes; New Look
Hope you are all well&enjoyed the weekend. 

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

£5.00 Outfit&Charity Shop Tips

When I actually took these pictures it was a pretty sunny day, however as it was last week its now pouring down with rain that makes me feel a bit silly uploading pictures of shorts..
But still, I got both of these things for just £5.00, the shorts were £2.99 and the netted shirt thing was £1.99.
They were both from charity shops as you could probably guess, thing is with charity shops I used to be quite embarrassed about buying things from that kind of shops, I think mainly because none of my friends where really into it, but since having this blog and reading other blogs I've realised that its quite a common thing to do and they are pretty much one off pieces(kind of). Also you are actually helping out a charity.. the money you pay goes to a need e.g. cancer, elderly people, children, animals. Not only are you getting new clothes, bag, shoes, books, whatever but your helping somebody who needs it..  

I also thought I'd share a few tips about charity shop 'hunting'.
#1 SIZES; Don't go by sizes, If you aren't sure if the clothing will fit you, have a quick try on of it just to see.. +everybody loves a bit of over sizing if it is a tiny bit to big.
2# Menswear; Charity shops are amazing for old/vintage T-shirts. The men's section seems to hide a lot of them so make sure you have a quick peek over.
3# PRICES; Some charity shops decided to bulk up their prices so so much.. Especially if they have a 'vintage section'. If you really love something then the price doesn't matter but just watch out for some stupidly over priced things.
4# DIY; Remember if something is exactly what you want, have a think as to what you could do to it.. 
e.g. Bleach to change the colour, hemming to change its length, cutting etc. 
5# Finally if you really don't want people knowing you have been to a charity shop (the logo's on the carrier bags) then take a canvas tote or just a big bag to pop all your buys in.. its saving bags and the environment to. 

Hope you are all doing well!


Monday, 10 September 2012

DIY; Safety Pin Dress

I always find it pretty hard to explain DIY's on my blog as I think a video would be much easier to explain.. I'm not sure whether to give a recording a go?
For this saftey pin dress you will need just three things;
#A simple dress/t- shirt (one your happy to cut up)
#Safety pins (try a mixture, silver, gold, big or small) 
If your dress already has a mid body seam/hem you can simply cut along that, if not try and work out where your mid-rift will be and slowly cut there. However leave the two side seams still connected, don't worry if you do trim it though as it will just need more pins.
As you can see I cut the front then left both sides and moved to the back, as this dress had button details I left trimming the middle just to keep that detail but you don't have to.
The safety pinning is pretty simple, just hook both pieces of material and clip the pin.
As you can see the dress shows just that little bit of skin which adds just that little bit of detail to a simple day dress.. I also think it would be super easy to style. I'm sure it will feature in an outfit post soon.
Let me know if you give this a go. /Hope you are all well. 

Friday, 7 September 2012

OOTD; Statement Jacket

This is the jacket I blogged about, erm yesterday I think? With statement patterns/ clothing pieces I feel its better to keep the rest of your outfit pretty simple as it can be a bit much, apart from matching floral suite's, I do love them. I just teamed this with a black t-shirt and this bleached denim skirt to keep the jacket as the focus.. I think this jacket is actually pretty wearable with alot of things even with its bold pattern and colours.. It's going to be a favourite of mine for a long long time!
Blazer; Topshop via eBay; £40.00
Black T-Shirt; Matalan; £3.00
Denim Skirt; Topshop; £20.00