Friday, 22 May 2015

OOTD; Palm Tree Trousers

palm tree trousers | h&m | £14.99
fluff hem top | topshop sale
shoes | tesco | £6.00
fur coat | vintage
bag | zara | £39.99
Palm tree trousers in the palm tree house.. where could be better to photograph this outfit. If you are close to Liverpool or plan a day out here sometime then I would definitely recommend a quick hour or so trip to Lark Lane & the Palm House in Sefton Park. It's so lovely inside and although its only small I would still agree that its worth a visit. Me and my friend went and although it wasn't the nicest of weather it was still a lovely day, we also had milkshakes in jam jars and pancakes.. what could be a better way to spend a Monday morning after finishing university. 

I am obsessed with the whole botanical/palm tree trend for this summer and would be more than happy owning literally everything palm leaf print. H&M have currently got some amazing palm prints in, from bikini's to sunglasses cases .. I need them all! 
They are all pretty well priced too, making them perfect buy's for summer holidays. 
Have you been a new place that you've really liked recently? 
Hope you're all well.


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

OOTD; That Meadham Kirchhoff Dress

As many people probably already know by now a few years ago Meadham Kirchhoff released a collaboration collection with Topshop. The collection featured a lot of faux fur, fluff, colour and crotchet. At the time the multicoloured crotchet dress was all I could think about buying however when I did try to purchase it, it was completely sold out.

The only thing that comes to mind in how I can describe how I feel about this dress is the quote "nothing haunts us like the clothes we didn't buy" &this dress seriously has haunted me for the past few years. I'd searched for it none stop on eBay, Amazon, Depop etc. as well as looking for endless dupes, even going as fas as buying a crotchet blanket to try and make my own version, however none of them just matched up. 

Anyway, a few months ago, I spotted one for sale on eBay &even though it was pretty expensive I just knew I had to buy it. The dress is actually in such great condition considering its been pre-owned and the seller even sent me the initial label for the dress too, I think it must of only been worn very few times if at all.
So after finally purchasing the knitted dress of dreams, I thought when would be a better time to wear it that my birthday!? 
I am now the grand old age of twenty two!
dress | meadham kirchhoff
knee high boots | ebay | £30
bag | zara | oldish
For my birthday me&my boyfriend headed to Nottingham for the night, I had never been before and really liked it as a place although I do think it is the kind of place that you need to go back a couple of times to have a real look around and get a feel for the place. The weekend included, pasta and cocktails, birthday pancakes, a bit of vintage shopping, photo booth posing as well as an emergency stop to buy socks due to these knee high boots been literally the most uncomfortable things ever made.. trying to put socks on 'gracefully' in the street was definitely not my finest moment, that's for sure. 
Birthday's always make me really emotional (trust me, every year I say the same thing) but I think it really makes you realise just how lucky you are to have the people in your life who you do& appreciate them as well as all the things they do for you. Soppy I know, but true none the less..
I hope you're all well & enjoyed your weekend whatever you got up too.


Sunday, 3 May 2015

OOTD; Vintage Leopard Dress

sunglasses | asos | £12.00
leopard dress | vintage shop via. eBay | £50.00
patent black shoes | new look | £10ish
bag | zara | old
Another classy changing room photo shoot for this post.

I think this could be my favourite dress of the moment, I spotted it on eBay from a vintage shop, they specialised in retro and vintage costumes but had a few quirky pieces for sale too. 
This dress was actually classed as a vintage 1950's night dress and was floor length when I originally bought it. 
I knew instantly that I would make it quite a bit shorter when I bought it and once I received it in the post, I cut quite a bit off.. I'm really happy with the idea of shortening the dress because it means I get to have a chunk of the lovely leopard fabric which I can use to either make something else or even a little accessory to match. 
I love buying vintage things because they are usually so well made and also kind of one off's since you can't just go out and find the exact same item on the high street, making the garment a little bit more special.

Have you found any vintage pieces lately?
&I hope you're all well.


Friday, 1 May 2015

OOTD; Just Not Mine..

Waxed Coat / Farah
Shirt / Farah 
Shoes / Dr Martens / Adrian Loafers 
Grey Coloured Socks 
Sunglasses / River Island 

I thought I'd do a bit of a different post today as what I had planned would of meant two of my outfit posts on the run.. &I'm not to sure everyone would be that keen on seeing my face over and over again.

I was with my boyfriend last weekend and took this photo of him (instantly thinking that would make a good blog post) but since he doesn't have a blog I thought I would share his outfit for him (even though he will probably cringe at this). 
Personally I think men's outfits are always nice to look at because it can sometimes be a bit harder for them to look different however tiny details can make a big different, something like a patterned sock with loafers, or a tie pin etc. 

The coat was something I picked up just shopping one day&was such a steal, it's the brand Farah & was less than £20 in a sort of vintage shop. I thought it was so good for a coat that would probably cost around £100+ bought brand new& to be honest it looked absolutely brand new so I'm not sure it was even worn beforehand. I think I got good girlfriend point for picking up such a good bargain for him, or I didn't then I definitely should have. 
Something a bit different for a post anyway, I hope you're all well& maybe let me know what you think of sharing other peoples outfits on here as well as my own.
Thank you.