Tuesday, 25 June 2013

OOTD; Do you own anything new?

cardigan | charity shop | £4.00
striped blouse | charity shop | £3.00
skirt | charity shop | £3.50
I didn't realise until just now but my entire outfit is bought from charity shops, classy ay.
I promise I do actually buy some clothes new! anyway, I found this cardigan which is hand knitted, it has flexs of lilac and red wool running through it to which is nice, its a real granny cardigan to say the least. It's safe to say I'm starting to dress like a full time granny, better get to Topshop soon hey?
Hope you're all well. 

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sunday Steal

JuJu Jellies | Debenhams | £12.00
Today's sunday steal finally doesn't feature something from a charity shop (hooray!).
I know everyone will remember the jelly shoes when they were younger, I had clear glittery ones but who would of thought ten years later they'd be back.. Well they are back and even better.
I was on the fence about getting a pair for myself, as I thought they'd be the new disco pants where everybody has a pair however I knew they'd be good for on holiday. I finally thought oh just buy them, I knew I wanted a light colour although the glow in the dark pink nearly swayed me, the only place I could find this gold colour was debenhams which seemed like a unlikely place if I'm honest. The debenhams website had them on offer for £12.00 which is amazing since the same ones were £30 in urban outfitters, it was free delivery to which is even better. The offer is still on for JUJU's so if you fancy picking up some for yourself you can find them (here).

Friday, 21 June 2013

Isn't quilting for old ladies?

Last weekend I went to a quilting exhibit which sounds like the most pensioner thing possible for a twenty year old to do, but I actually really liked it. I love looking at other peoples work and the amount of time that goes into things is unreal, one took two years for a old lady to finish. The is also an amazing chandelier hand made from lots of glass tubes, it was so pretty and such a statement in the dull room. 
Hope you're all well&don't mind a blog post like this.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

OOTD; Another Crop?

crop top&skirt | DIY 
necklace | charity shop | £1.50
This crop top&skirt set I made the same time as my other (from the other blog post here) however this is less boxy and made from a cotton fabric. I spotted this fabric and instantly loved it, the feather headdresses and huge eagles made it a definite buy however I think it would work amazing for a fancy dress costume to! 
(the fabric cost me around £12.00 for 4 meters)
I got really lovely comments on my last post like this (thank you)& I'm in the middle of my DIY post to create this outfit for yourself so keep an eye out for that soon.
Hope you're all well. 

Monday, 17 June 2013

Something abit different; Favourite Designers #3

Romance Was Born
I have the lovely SARA to thank for finding out about this amazing collection, Sara commented on one of my posts telling me about this brand&I can't thank her enough, Romance was born is one of the most 'fun and experimental' fashion collections I've seen, I think all they're models look like super fashionable aliens! As you can see from the images they use alot of clashing fabrics, colours and prints.
I've always being a fan of this brand, I remember having the perfume when I was about thirteen, thinking I was 'it' with a designer perfume. But Moschino have kept up their creations and stuck around, still being a favourite seven years later.. however I'm much more keen on their clothing now. Their range is a mix of quirky and sophisticated items which thinking about is actually a really hard balance to achieve. From floral's to neons to little black dresses, I love it all. 
all images via. google

Friday, 14 June 2013

OOTD; Cats&Crops

crop top and skirt | DIY
I've loved the new trend of matching crops and skirt since it first started, but finding the 'perfect two-sie' to buy just hasn't happened yet, I found a set in topshop (this one) but for nearly £80 it just didn't seem worth it, I thought I should stop being lazy and just make my own. In Liverpool there is a fabric shop which sells their fabric by weight meaning you get a lot more for you money (its just end of rolls), I spent £18 on this fabric, then spent the afternoon sewing away, I'm so pleased with it over all and know I'll be packing it away for my holidays without a doubt!
hopefully I'll be able to create a blog post of this diy but its quite hard to explain it all by just writing, fingers crossed though!
Hope you're all well.


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Who says you're not in Wonderland.

Todays post is a little bit different as you can probably tell, For me Sundays usually mean lazing around and nan visits but this week it meant eating as if we we're in wonderland. My friend mentioned this Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant/cafe a while ago, so a few weeks later we hopped on the train to Manchester. The cafe serves breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea& even a few cheeky cocktails. Inside literally felt as if you had fell down the rabbit hole with Alice, from the vintage teacups and warm brownies to out of timed clocks and rabbit salt&peppers, the cafe was perfect! 
If you fancy going yourself you can find it; here,it really is well worth a visit. 
Hope you're all well.


Sunday, 9 June 2013

OOTD; Oversized&Pineapples

earrings | h&m | £7.99
blouse/dress | charity shop | £3.99
shorts | levis/urban outfitters | £25.00
box clutch | charity shop | £1.00
Oh look another charity shop blouse, I told you I'm like a magpie. I wore this blouse as a dress style outfit since its way to big for me (actually size 28) but I really loved the collar and thought it would work well as a dress, since this was a no tights summer day, I popped on these denim cut off's just so it wasn't to, lets say revealing. I'm in love with these earrings to, pineapples, bugs and gems, what more could I want. Also the little blue 'bag' is actually a jewellery box which I got from a charity shop a long time ago, I think it looks good with the whole mini bag trend that's quickly appeared, its just big enough for a phone&some pennies. 
Hope you're all well.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Something abit different; Favourite Designers #2

Leroy Nguyen
Leroy is a pretty new designer (2012 was his first runway collection after graduating) but no way has he being overlooked. To be honest I've only recently heard of him myself, I saw one of his jackets on a blog post and fell in love with the bold prints and unusually cut jackets. He describes who he designers for as; confident women who don’t feel the need to try too hard to be sexy; women who like to have a bit of fun with fashion; women who like to be bold, but also appreciate the importance of quality and comfort.
The matching jackets and shorts are so beautiful, I just want them all.
Meadham Kirchhoff
Where do I even start with these designers, its like a sweet shop&circus have merged and created a runway collection. I love the mixture of metallic textures and the models colourfully dyed hair in their latest shows, although previously to this they had a menswear range called 'Benjamin Kirchhoff'. 
You can watch their previous runway shows here
all images via. google

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

OOTD; Not So Summery

patterned blouse | charity shop | £2.50
velvet maxi dress | charity shop | £3.00
sunglasses | eBay | £2.00
fishnet socks | primark | £2.50
flatforms | windsor world of shoes | £16.00
The so called 'British Summer' has finally arrived and what do I find myself wearing .. a long black dress, how summery hey? Although it doesn't look to sunny in my pictures it was actually pretty bright in the garden hence the sunglasses, I got them from eBay really cheap from china, you have to wait abit longer for them to arrive but it's well worth it, (you can buy them here).
I'm like a magpie for 'old lady blouses' lately and charity shops are the perfect place to find them (other than nan's wardrobes of course). I love how you can wear them so differently depending on your outfit, here I've just knotted it to create this kind of crop top style then making the maxi dress look just like a skirt giving abit of shape to my outfit aswell.
Hope you're all well&enjoying the sunny weather.

Saturday, 1 June 2013


a love or hate pair of pineapple earrings (h&m)
typical shoe shot for instagram
lana del rey live last weekend
candy floss machine which made it in front of you
flowering tea in a thai restaurant 
i seem to spend alot of time in ikea lately
marks&spencers make dreamy toasties (&coke in glass bottles of course)
instagram has been abit of an addiction of mine for awhile now, since I got an iphone I began 'instagramming' I don't really post anything to exciting, but I think its a nice way to keep memories I suppose? You can always have a look back through your profile and have a look at pretty much your day to day life.. 
instagram name; holliedingsdale
If you have a instagram leave it below and I'll be sure to follow you. Hope you're all well.