Thursday, 28 March 2013

Unlikely Icons; Easter Rabbit

I love doing these 'unlikely icons' post's as I find it interesting what outfits develop from something that doesn't seem fashion related. With it being Easter weekend I thought it's only fair that the Easter rabbit got a blog post developed to him;
First is based on a white rabbit, I mixed the white with pastel colours to make it a bit more interesting and love the transparent accessories I found whilst searching online. I thought I should make the outfit a bit more rabbit-friendly so added the matching earrings and ring just to make it extra Easter themed. I think this could be a Spring/Summer look then below a Autumn/Winter look.
Secondly I have chosen the outfit based on this brown rabbit. I wanted to use darker colours, so picked this beige square pattern dress. I then spotted this amazing green jacket, I thought green would work well, and of course rabbits eat grass so I guess that could tie in with the theme. I added the hat to make it a bit more fashionable and the mint green bag to clash with the jacket. I loved the boots and thought the beige socks would look cute just showing over the boots. 

all images used via. Polyvore
If you wish to know where any of the products are from please just leave a comment and I'll let you know straight away.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

OOTD; Still to cold for crops

faux fur coat | matalan sale | £20
black netted style top | charity shop | £3
crop top polo | ebay | £4
floral pants | topshop sale | £25
I have already shown all these items before just not together, with not buying so many clothes I've found it harder to blog, mainly because I don't want to just keep posting about the same clothes over&over. Today I went for the kind of 'wear everything you like at once look' which I never really used to be a fan. Clashing clothes, colour, patterns etc. never used to be my cup of tea, but suddenly I'm wearing miss matched things all the time and actually like them on which I'm glad of.
I haven't had chance to photograph outside much lately so thought I'd add this kind of rose effect just make my images a bit different.
Hope you are all well!


Saturday, 23 March 2013

Something abit different; My Designs

In my last post, I said about getting onto a fashion course etc. which got me thinking about my portfolio work and thought it would be nice to actually blog about some of my work. 

I started writing this post with how I've always enjoyed art/fashion etc. but I can't lie since I used to be the worlds biggest tom boy, football club the lot! I even remember I wouldn't take off my jeans whilst trying on my bridesmaid dress for my auntie's wedding, boy boy boy!

However in secondary school I knew art was something I was interested it, I only started doing textiles in college (2009) and picked it up pretty well thinking I'd never used a sewing machine before. Now I have a growing sewing machine collection and room full of sketch books, odd material and way to many clothes.

One thing I don't like about fashion is when designers have amazing work but then just wear a t-shirt, jeans and converse, I think if you design interesting outfits it makes you want to wear more interesting outfits, plus the fact you're literally a walking advert for your own work. Who knows maybe soon I'll be walking round with a foot collar round my neck like in one of these sketches. 
Hope you're well.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

"life is too short to wear boring clothes"

Before I start this post, I feel as if I should explain why I have only blogged twice this entire month, I always try my best to blog a few times every week but this month a lot has being happening, as well as 'family kind of things' , I had a interview for a fashion course two weeks ago. I was given one week to make my portfolio along with a few days to complete my ucas application which made me a very busy bee. Luckily I got one of the last four places for the course, which is amazing and means from September I'll be able to call myself a 'fashion student' how exciting! 
The statement I've used for this title really makes me think, and I completely agree with it.. A few funny looks are nothing if you enjoy what you're wearing.
outfit one: giant ostrich kind of dress
I love this dress and think the sequin draped jacket would look amazing with it, kind of a multicolour zebra but then crossed with the feather dress. Also fishnet socks seem to be pretty fashionable at the moment and add that bit of detail any ankle boots.
outfit two: leopards and faces
This outfit is a real miss match of all sorts, with metallics, prints, pastel colours.. the lot!
outfit three: stripes and florals
I'm a huge fan of blazers and trousers at the moment, and think the clashing prints would look so fun on, I also love the white flatform brogue style shoes to add that bit of length to your legs with the striped pants.

all images via. Polyvore.
Hope you are all well!


Monday, 11 March 2013

OOTD; Matching Crop Top and Skirt

two piece | charity shop/diy | £3.50
I thought I'd post this outfit today, the 'two piece' started its life as a long midi dress that I picked up from a charity shop. I knew I was going to make it into a crop top and skirt as soon as I saw it just as the length wasn't right for me as a dress. I was going to post a DIY of how I did it but its pretty simple, just cut in half, and add a waistband for the skirt and hem any raw edges. If you do fancy a detailed DIY of how I did it please let me know as I'd be more than happy to. I'm looking for something floral/patterned to do the same thing to. I hope you are all well& Enjoyed your weekend. 


Saturday, 9 March 2013

DIY; CD Embellished Top

Embellishment is a pretty big trend at the moment, but I've noticed everything is quite overpriced especially basic tops with neckline details.. so why not hunt out some old cd's& make your own?
you will need;
- old cd
- flat back gems (optional)
- fabric glue 
- scissors 
- a sheet of paper (to stop glue leaking through)
step one
use a bowl of boiling water to place your CD in, to make it a bit more flexible and easier to cut.
step two
Once it is flexible, use the scissors to cut the CD into shapes of your choice.
step three
Lay your top flat and slip the paper inside the top, to stop any glue leaking through.
(I forgot about the paper and glue leaked to the back of the top).
Work out where you want to place the pieces before gluing, have a few moves around until you are completely happy with the design.
step four
Now glue your pieces in place.
step five
Allow a hour or so for the glue to dry off and then you are good to go!
Be extra careful washing the top once to embellishment is on as the water could loosen the glue, I'd say just hand wash it gently in cool water. 
Let me know if try this easy DIY for yourself.