Wednesday, 31 July 2013

OOTD; Floral Two Piece

crop top and skirt | oxfam | £5.99
necklace | topshop | £12.50
satchel | cambridge satchel company
Lately everybody seems to be wearing matching two pieces and along with the crowd I love them! 
I've been trying to get my hands a matching floral set for ages now but just never seemed to find one, I was just having a quick look in the charity shops the other day& spotted this one. It was originally a size 18 from Marks&Spencer but with a few seams on the sewing machine it fits me great. The skirt hit the floor on me so I just cut it to the right length to hem, I also trimmed the top to a crop style, however not to short so it can still look like a dress if I want it to. It's honestly one of the best things I've picked up in a charity shop, and for £5 I'm so glad I didn't miss it.
I hope you're all well.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sunday Steal

vintage belts | charity shop | £3.50 (for both)
I've had my eye out for a good vintage belt for such a long time now, I always see oversized vintage dresses worn with chunky belts on tumblr, and I die a little inside knowing I don't own anything like that, but maybe now I do. Both these belts are real leather and seem genuine 'vintage' /pretty old if not vintage, they do have a little wear to them but I think I like them better that way. The larger belt was £2.00 and thinner just £1.50, I'm so pleased I managed to find these especially without a huge price tag that I would of had to pay if bought from a vintage shop.
Have you found any good bargains lately?

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Unlikely Icons; Hey Lolita Hey

Today's 'unlikely icon' is the novel/film Lolita although the story is pretty old its still an intense read/watch.
If you don't know of the story is kind of a twisted love story between twelve year old Lolita and a much older man. I was watching the film the other week and all I could think was how good Lolita's characters style actually was, this got me thinking it could be good idea for this unlikely icon post.
(the are two versions of the film hence the different actresses below) 
Lolita has kind of became famous for the red heart shaped sunglasses, I didn't want to just blog the same so swapped for these red cat eyes (you can see in the image that she actually has cat eye sunglasses so I'm still on track). The high waisted bikini feels really retro especially with the floral print, then a simple pair of white shoes and a pretty hat.
Mum jeans are a huge trend at the minute, adding this vintage black belt just gives it even more of a 90's feel.
Just a plain blouse as she is wearing in the images& I loved these ballet style shoes as the give quite a childish feel to the look since she is only twelve.
I stuck to the crop and skirt from this look, however I haven't styled them as matching pieces, I think the almost neon yellow in the skirt make the look very bold however adding the black shoes&satchel keep it from looking to over the top.

all items show are from Polyvore, 
however if you want a certain link just leave it in a comment and I'll soon get back to you.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

OOTD; Palm Leaf Prints

jumpsuit | topshop | £60
necklace | topshop | £12.50
This is one of the outfits I wore whilst on holiday, I photographed it today in the dull weather so sorry for the pictures looking so dark. I think this jumpsuit is one of my prized procession lately, I spotted it on the Topshop website but didn't really have the money, it one was of those clothing items that just wont go out your head so I ended up buying it/ feeling guilty about the price. I also got the skull chain necklace, I wanted a simple chain necklace but the little skull swayed it for me. 
Hope you're all well.
ps, I might not be updating my blog quite as much for a while (still a few times a week just not every other day) as I have a lot of prep for uni, however I do have a separate blog for that if you would are interested.


Saturday, 20 July 2013

Hello Sunshine

Holiday blues are being well felt today, I arrived home from a 'girls holiday' late last night& feel as if I've lost a limb, its amazing how ten days away feels like forever. I thought I'd blog some of my 'tourist snaps' before outfits just so I have time to sort them out, Hope you're all well!


Monday, 8 July 2013

OOTD; Sunflowers&Stripes

hat | charity shop | £2.50
sunflower top | vintage fair | £8.00
trousers | vintage fair | £3.00
shoes | juju jellies | £12.00
I picked up these trousers for a bargain of £3 at the vintage fair on Saturday, I know they aren't going to be everybody's cup of tea (they do look slightly like clown pants if I'm honest) but there was just something about them. Moving on from the balloon pants, if you haven't already saw american apparel have released a sunflower range of clothing, which are literally the perfect summer outfits, but I just couldn't let myself pay £40 for a simple crop top or skirt, I'm so glad I didn't after spotting this top for such a cheap price.
I'm going on holiday on Wednesday so this may be the last post you see from me for a week or two, but I'll be sure to post my holiday outfits once I'm home. I'm not sure sitting here eating my bowl of chips&drinking mint milkshakes whilst typing will really ensure the perfect summer figure within two days, but what can I say.. I give up.
Hope you're all well.


Saturday, 6 July 2013

It's all about swapping

Today I went to a vintage fair/ clothes swap, I've been the this vintage fair before which is a mix of retro/vintage clothes, music, cakes, handmade jewellery etc. but this month I noticed they had added a clothes swap into the mix, the were few rules and really easy to join in with. Five items, you register and swap them for tokens.. pick the clothes you want then simply give a token back for each item you chose. Five new things to replace the five you just donated (you don't have to do five, can take less).
To be completely honest there wasn't as much as I had hoped for, but I did get three things back one being a levis jacket that needs abit of a diy before I blog it, a sheer jacket and the jumpsuit you'll see below (which I really wanted so dropped on thinking how the lucky/unlucky swapping can be). I also bought a few things from the priced stalls.
lilac dress | vintage | £3.00
sunflower top | vintage | £8.00
jumpsuit | originally h&m | swapped
If you do get the chance to attend something like this I'd really recommend it just because you have no idea what you could pick up, one persons rubbish really is another's treasure. If you are interested in something like this, maybe have a quick look;
also try groupon as the always have offers on for tickets (2for1)
 I attended here so if you're close to Liverpool have a quick look.
Hope you're all well.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Unlikely Icons; Your Five A Day

Banana leaf print seems to be huge this summer, everybody has seen the topshop range of this, (I bought the jumpsuit the other day), this look is a bit different and a lot more subtle, the kimono and shorts are pure silk hence the prices. Summer essentials have to be crop tops, a white& a black and you're good to go!
Not banana leaves this time, but banana's themselves.. I kept the top and accessories quite simple for this look because of how bold the prints are on the jacket and skirt.. Who knew bananas could be so fashionable. 
This look is a bit more 'out there' with all the clashing looks, but I think it would actually look really nice on, the statement shoes would stand out perfectly against the pastel shades.
Hope you're all well.