Wednesday, 12 September 2012

£5.00 Outfit&Charity Shop Tips

When I actually took these pictures it was a pretty sunny day, however as it was last week its now pouring down with rain that makes me feel a bit silly uploading pictures of shorts..
But still, I got both of these things for just £5.00, the shorts were £2.99 and the netted shirt thing was £1.99.
They were both from charity shops as you could probably guess, thing is with charity shops I used to be quite embarrassed about buying things from that kind of shops, I think mainly because none of my friends where really into it, but since having this blog and reading other blogs I've realised that its quite a common thing to do and they are pretty much one off pieces(kind of). Also you are actually helping out a charity.. the money you pay goes to a need e.g. cancer, elderly people, children, animals. Not only are you getting new clothes, bag, shoes, books, whatever but your helping somebody who needs it..  

I also thought I'd share a few tips about charity shop 'hunting'.
#1 SIZES; Don't go by sizes, If you aren't sure if the clothing will fit you, have a quick try on of it just to see.. +everybody loves a bit of over sizing if it is a tiny bit to big.
2# Menswear; Charity shops are amazing for old/vintage T-shirts. The men's section seems to hide a lot of them so make sure you have a quick peek over.
3# PRICES; Some charity shops decided to bulk up their prices so so much.. Especially if they have a 'vintage section'. If you really love something then the price doesn't matter but just watch out for some stupidly over priced things.
4# DIY; Remember if something is exactly what you want, have a think as to what you could do to it.. 
e.g. Bleach to change the colour, hemming to change its length, cutting etc. 
5# Finally if you really don't want people knowing you have been to a charity shop (the logo's on the carrier bags) then take a canvas tote or just a big bag to pop all your buys in.. its saving bags and the environment to. 

Hope you are all doing well!



  1. great tips for charity shopping! i love your shorts :D x

  2. those shorts are freakin' amazing! such a bargain outfit, looks so good too x

  3. The top look so cute! And your is just beautiful! I'm inlove with your blog. Wanna follow each other? xo

    1. Oh thank you, &Yeah Sure! I'll follow you now. xx

  4. Cool post :)