Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I'm new to this.

So, My name is Hollie, Im currently 18 years old. I've found myself with way to much time on my hands after leaving college. Basically, I finished my A levels this summer (textiles,photography&media) I did get good grades, I then started a Art Foundation Diploma which I hoped would lead onto a fashion degree, Ever get it when you regret something straight away? Well I did, I dropped out after 4 weeks, when I decided I didn't want to pursue to Uni. I felt like a absolute failure&like I'd let everybody down, but I thought about myself for once&what made me happy. I've been applying for Christmas jobs just so they say 'to get my foot in the door'. As of yet I haven't heard anything, I did work in Dorothy Perkins for 6 months so I have experience?
Anyway.. Now you kind of know my background, I've made this blog to create outfit posts, idea's (sketches,images) whatever goes really. I always had this idea of owning my own shop at some point later in life. I'm going to make that a 'goal' of mine and hope towards it. Don't judge my blog straight away as I am new to it.
I have a tumblr .. http://bird-bloom.tumblr.com/
&Twitter if you would like to follow me?
If you have read to the end of this then, first of all wow, &thank you. xxxxxxxxxxxxx