Friday, 29 June 2012

DIY; Tiger Shorts

I was tidying my room yesterday and found these old tiger split back pins.. I got them originally from a craft shop for making cards, but I just hadn't got round to using them. I started thinking what I could do with them and remembered these jeans I got for £1 from a charity shop. I just cut off the legs, turned up the ends and studded the lions on with some scissors.
Really I've got a pair of individual shorts for £2.00, who can complain?

If you want to try this yourself;
You'll need:
-Animal Studs/Pins
-Scissors or a knife
- Shorts/Jeans to cut up
1) Simply cut off the legs of your pants to the length you're happy with.
2) Hem or fold the edges to stop it fraying to much.
3) Stud the animals through the denim.
4) Once all the studding is done, turn the shorts inside out.
5) Make sure all the sharp edges are folded so they do not scratch you when wearing.
TA DA. New animal shorts for you!


Saturday, 23 June 2012

Embroidered Denim

I'm a sucker for eBay even though I hardly ever win the things I really want, but I came across this jacket a few weeks ago. I wanted a acid wash jacket to begin with but this one with all its embroidered sections made me want it way to much. I paid £21.00 for it in the end, but I only just won by a few pence in the last few minutes (thankfully) p&p was £4.00 which I thought was abit pricey but I suppose it is pretty heavy. 


Friday, 15 June 2012

If I had ££ to waste.

If I had endless amounts of money and didn't have to save them/waste in charity shops, all five of these things would easily be mine, I love every single one just as much as the other. I didn't intend to post a wishlist today but after clicking on Polyvore I thought I had to share how amazing that jacket is if nothing else.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Bleach Happy.

Now I know everyone is hitting the whole DIY bleaching thing hard so I decided I wouldn't do this post as a DIY, there are so so many good ones already available online which would probably be more understandable than if I were to write one out so, I thought I'd tell you about my clever money saving idea ££ instead.

I left my job about two weeks ago now, so its all about budgeting my money, obviously I'm going to still buy a few odd bits but I have a lot of clothes I don't wear which I thought I could re-work so I love them and can't wait to wear them .. Bleaching is a cheap/quick option of how to re-vamp clothes.
Any bleach will do and the are three main methods; 
/All over bleaching 
/Tie Dye Bleaching
The denim jacket above has been in a few posts already on here, I found it for £1 in a charity shop, it's real Levis however its a man's size large.. so I've always felt abit manly when wearing it but you know for £1 I couldn't complain, so I got my trusty bottle of bleach and tried to bleach it all over to a light pale denim..
This didn't actually work out as I wished but I like what has happened much much more! It's gave me a kind of tie dye/un-even effect all over which I'm pretty happy with.. I feel like it looks abit more feminine now to+looks alot more I hate to use words like 'indie' and 'cool' but I would feel alot more confident wearing this now.
I also had abit of bleach left of so I thought waste not, want not& popped in this plain lilac t-shirt which I bought from M&S for £6.. obviously you could find a plain tee in a charity shop which would be even more of a saving? But I just rubbed it in a tiny bit of bleach and rinsed it, its looked kind of cosmic when I first took it out but the bleach was quicker than I was at washing away the colour so bleached abit more than I wanted. After I dried it I studded round the collar area using just six studs and then used scissors to de-constructed the fabric in various places just for abit of a difference really.  
So really, I have created a new top&a new jacket without spending anymore money than before..
I'm pretty glad with how the garments look, I'd say it was an hour well spent, maybe give it ago yourself? 


Tuesday, 12 June 2012


So, I've went all out and finally dip dyed from blonde to liliac.. When I did it I wasnt actually sure if I'd bought the semi permanent or permanent colour but I thought I'd just do it anyway.. After two showers (well washing hair showers) the colour had washed away quite abit going a very light/slivery colour which I'm pretty happy with. I glad in a way that its fading as I can always re-colour it if I wish. I used the 'Directions' colour which I bought on eBay, /LINK in the colour 'lilac' but they are some amazing colours which I think I might try out.
I'm also loving the whole feather extension situation right now but every time I try and buy some all the ones I want are sold out.. not good but I'll keep my eye out. Hope you are all well.
Ps, I was thinking of doing some hair tutorial/ish posts? Yeah or Nah? Let me know.