Wednesday, 27 July 2016

DIY; Miu Miu Style Pumps

Miu Miu pumps.. I can pretty much guarantee I am not the only one swooning over these beauties but at almost £400 per pair they are pretty pricey. I was looking at each of the Miu Miu lace ups & thought why not try out a little DIY instead.. 

What you will need: 
- Ballet Style Pumps (of your choice colour-wise & fabric-wise
- Two Meters of black ribbon 
- Two Meters of gingham ribbon
- Cotton Thread to match your pumps
- One Hand-Sewing Needle 
- Small Scissors  
Ballet Style Pumps - Topshop
Scissors, Thread & One Sewing Needle
Two meters of each ribbon (your's could be different colours etc. depending on chosen style)
Once you have all your supplies ready it's just a few quick steps..
Begin by folding the ribbon exactly in half & placing it on the mid-way point on the center back of the shoe.
Once in place, simply sew the ribbon in place and repeat each stitch two/three times to ensure it is tight & sturdy.
Once all stitched, trim off any loose cotton ends & repeat on the second shoe. 
As you can see from the images obviously my DIY is not an excact copy of the Miu Miu pumps but I really loved the red ribbon bows already on my bought pumps so wanted to keep that there.
If you want to try something even a little more special you could also try out adding some super sweet charms to the ribbons as some of the Miu Miu shoes have.. Cat's on ribbons, why ever not?
Let me know if you try out this quick & easy DIY for yourself!? 

Monday, 11 July 2016

Monday Blues.. Cheer up, buttercup!

July, 11th and it is still pouring down with rain here in the UK.. when will the sunshine appear?

I'm not sure about you but I'm so sick of the rainy weather, of course we have had some sunny days but the majority of the 'summer days' so far have been none stop rain.. So what do we do when we're feeling blue? Shopping of course! 

I've just got back from a little mini shopping trip & bought quite a few new blues pieces which made me think.. Monday blues, lets make a moodboard! 

Each of the seriously beautiful items are all via. Polyvore and each most definitely on my dream wish list! I seriously love the dresses with their stunning colours and tassel detailing. I'd team each dress with super chic shoes and a quirky bag as shown above, I particularly love the Charlotte Olympia Kitty Boots, a girl can dream right!? 

How has your Monday been so far? 
Let me know! 


Tuesday, 5 July 2016

OOTD: Topshop Boutique Pink Peplum & Ripped Jeans

pink peplum top | topshop | £40 here
ripped jeans | DIY 
leopard shoes | topshop 
bag | zara | £10.00
marbou feather coat | eBay

I never thought I'd see the day I was a fan of ripped jeans but.. here I am, none stop wearing them! 
I even ripped the holes in these ones myself..

I really love styling more 'edgy' pieces so to say, such as ripped jeans, black jeans, leather etc. with super girly items just to make them suit my style a little more, so of course I went for this brand new pastel pink top I bought from Topshop Boutique just last week. I love how the peplum is just on one side & of course I was sold by the colour. I also added my favourite velvet leopard shoes and fluffy jacket for a touch of texture too! 

I hope you're all well & had a great weekend! 
What did you get up to?



Saturday, 2 July 2016

Fendi Faves - But why real fur?

Okay, I know even starting to write this post that it could be one that sparks a little conversation as obviously the use of real fur within fashion always does. During my university course I focused a lot of my work on the use of fur which meant looking into it in a little more detail. Now I for one absolutely LOVE everything about Fendi as a brand and of course I'm a huge fan of their amazing Bag Bug collections as well as everything that goes along side them..
But even as I was piecing together this image on Polyvore to initially post as a wishlist / dreamy accessories post, I was looking at the items & their prices and thinking to myself, why real fur? 

There are a whole heap of questions that come to my mind when thinking of real fur, to name a few - 
Is it cheaper to use? 
Do people see it as a luxury as they did decades ago?
Is it seen as a sign of class / money wearing fur?
If people knew exactly what happens to the animals for their fur, would they still buy them? 
Do people just prefer to not think of it & appreciate the product on it's looks & not actually what it's made from? 
Why is there such a huge debate about fur & not leather, when they are both made from animal skin / bodies? 
 Like I said, I have a lot of questions.. 

These are question's that I want to look into & find out for myself but I thought this post could be good & maybe see what others have to say? 
If you want to leave a comment about your opinion of this or can answer any of my questions, that would be great! 

Hope you're all well & having a great weekend so far!