Sunday, 17 February 2013

Unlikely Icons: Where the wild things are.

Earlier this week I watched Where The Wild Things Are, for the first time. To tell the truth I wasn't the biggest fan of the story (although I did cry) but I did really enjoy how it was filmed, it truly is a beautifully edited film. However watching the film did get me thinking about the costumes so I thought it would be perfect for a unlikely icon blog post:
I have chosen two characters from the film first being 'Alexander' who I think is a goat? I didn't like the idea of an entire outfit of faux fur so I kept the top half faux fur and the bottom pretty simple. I used the same colour as his fur for the coat and turtle neck top, then kept to beige for the trousers and bag.. and of course all goats need glittery gold shoes. 
Secondly is Max, probably the best fancy dress costume around at the moment, (if you google it you'll see what I mean, grown men in squirrel suits and a gold crown!) however I decided to go for a 'less obvious' outfit. I've kept to the 'one piece' using this all white jumpsuit. An the ever so obvious crown, this is a lace crown from Regal Rose (here), For the socks.. If Max would of being a girl of course he'd have frilly socks on for strolling round the woods. 
(all images via. Polyvore)

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