Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Liebster Blog Award

The Liebster Blog Award recognises your favourite bloggers with under 200 Google Friend Connect followers. Sort of like chain mail, if you get nominated, you then can choose another 11 people to pass on the award to! Each nominee writes 11 things about themselves, answers 11 questions posed by the previous blogger and then asks 11 questions of their own. Kathryn over at SomeUnderground so kindly featured me in her eleven blog choices so, here we are..
11 facts about me;
+ I spend the majority of my money on clothes, however I wouldn’t class myself as materialistic. 
+ I love dashchund’s and plan on buying one when I move out.
+ I keep a lot of things to myself when it comes to family.

+ I’ve been ‘borrowing’ (/never giving back) my nan’s clothes since I was 14.

+ I find it extremely hard to let people out of my life and constantly think if it was a mistake to do so.
+ I get quietly excited going to charity shops just because anything could be in there.
+ My room is starting to look like a clothes shop.
+I'm a worrier.. I worry about anything!

+I've ended up taking a 'unexpected' year out, which I never plannend on doing, which really knocked my confidence.. slowly getting back to finding what I want to do.
+I wash my hands about 20 times a day if I get the chance, if not sanitizer all round.
+Alex Zane is literally the perfect man. 

Kathryn’s Questions;
+ What sort of person do you think you'll be in 20 years? I’d be 39.I would hope to be happy/comfortable about myself. Growing up can be so much pressure so hopefully that will of changed. I’d also like to think I’d have a career that I enjoyed, I want to go into visual merchandising so maybe that would of actually happened by then?      

+ Why did you start blogging? I was always coming across other blogs, thinking “oo I like that outfit, I like this blah blah” but needed an account to comments.. I made one, then just sat one day thinking about things and thought I’d write it down, that eventually turned into a hobby blogging on a weekly basis. 

+ What do you think about the most? Everything! I over think anything and everything.. Since leaving secondary school in 2009, I became so self conscious.. I never used to be but it just came out of the blue. If I meet somebody new I instantly feel self conscious, and think what do they think of me, even if I don’t like them as a person I still want them to like me. I even get self conscious with friends I’ve known since I was 3/4. I don’t really tell anyone as it seems silly that I post my face all over my blog but then say I’m self conscious. I think blogging is easier than actually speaking to real people (face to face). The thing I think about the most is how to not be self conscious I suppose?

+ Is there a song that fills you with energy? Jamie T- Chaka Demus

+ Which is your favourite pair of shoes? I got floral doc’s for Christmas, the brogue type.. They are currently my fave.

+ Who was the last person you wrote a letter to? My friend Sophie, (well it was a card/ had a lot of writing in). I remember us saying how nobody writes to each so, I sent her birthday card through the post. It was a while ago though.

+ What do you usually carry in your bag? Purse, Phone, Glasses/Case, Leather Gloves (in winter), a Lip Balm, A lipstick, Hairbrush & house keys and whatever I buy which fits in my bag that day.

+ If you could inherit one ability from an animal, what would it be? (eg, heat vision/ flight) Birds are lucky how they can just fly around and fly away from things, I’d fly. 

+ What are you really good at? I’d like to say sewing however I’m abit of ‘get it done’ than ‘quality checking’. Maybe reading. Or shopping, I’m good at shopping. 

+ Who inspires you? People who are truly happy with what they have.
Paloma Faith, I would of said Alexa Chung to, maybe.

+ Can you tell me about a piece of treasure you own? I have a silver eye ring, which I hardly ever take off, it doesn’t have sentimental meaning or anything, I just really love it. 

My Questions;
/ What is your favourite book to read?
/ Do you have a favourite item of clothing?
/ Who is the most inspirational person in your life?
/ If you could only buy one thing each year (clothing wise), what would that one thing be?
/ Fave film?
/ Most interesting place you have ever visited?
/ Do you have a certain drink you have when out for meals?
/ What magazine would you most recommend to read?
/ Which three words would you use to describe yourself?
/ Have you ever had a best friend? 
/ What is your everyday make-up look?

My blog choices;

Out of all the blogs I follow, the majority have over 200 followers, so rather than adding them to this post I have just linked the four bloggers above. The other blogs I wanted to link have already done a post like this therefore I didn't want to ask them to do it again. I have put off posting this as I wanted to feature 11 blogs but I don't want to leave it any longer hence why I have only featured these four blogs. 


  1. Oh I love your answers. I would have written a very similar response for "what I think about the most," and without question I'd be a bird too. x

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