Monday, 31 December 2012

New Year, New You?

I've never really being one of these people to do the whole 'new year, new me, new everything' because I don't think the majority of people stick to that, however ambitions/plans for the new year is another story which I think everybody should do.. I was looking online and came across this cute idea (link here). 
You fill the jar throughout the year of things you have done/enjoyed during the year, then next new years eve you open the jar and read through all the stories/notes and memories. 
I think it's a lovely idea& going to try it myself for sure! I also thought you could keep the notes in a vintage tea pot just to be a little bit different? Also mixing the paper you wrote on would be abit different, maybe even write on fabric? wrappers? etc. Or you could also put small objects in for the memories.. 
I think it's kinda a one year memory box. If you don't fancy this idea I have came across these two books that are kind of the same idea;
A Question Each Day Diary- here
One Line A Day- Five year memory book; here
This year hasn't really being the best year for me so I'm pretty glad to be seeing the back of it. Do you have any interesting idea's for next year?
Anyway, I hope you all have a happy&healthy year, &thank you all so much for following/reading my blog, It really does mean alot to me, I never thought I'd enjoy blogging even half as much as I do, also the people I have spoken to due to my blog is one of the best things.
Thanks all so much!


Saturday, 29 December 2012

OOTD; £3 Kimono Jacket

Today is just a quick outfit post, I haven't been able to take my photograph's outside recently due to the none stop rain. I find it so hard deciding where to take my pictures as we have no plain white walls in our house and lighting in a nightmare, I took the images in my room today but its not the brightest of places, hopefully the rain will stop&I'll be able get some different pictures done. Anyway, (rambling away), this little kimono jacket was just £3.00 in Primark, It's not something I'd usually pick up but I loved the tassels and thought for three pounds I may as well.
I've actually worn it more than I thought I would so pretty pleased with it.  
Dress; American Apparel
Necklace; (was a bracelet which I diy'd)
White Top; Topshop (I tied it to add more shape).
I'd just like to thank everyone who has followed me in the last few days, it' really does mean a lot to me.
Hope you are all well& having a lovely weekend. 

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas Crazy

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, I've kind of reached the age when Christmas isn't as exciting anymore (I was actually more excited at the thought of the food more than anything else). I didn't want to do a post about all the presents I received (mainly as a lot of people don't like that and instantly think your 'bragging or spoilt') however I got mostly money as presents since I'm going to Disneyland with five of my friends in Jan. I did get a lot of little bits and bobs along with a Kindle, I'm starting to think how did I ever read without one (lying down reading without the arm ache is amazing!).

Needle point Dr Marten Brogues; (present); £75 (here they have gone to £55 in the sale)
Velvet lace dress; Topshop Sale; £15
Pattern Dress; River Island Sale; £12 
(I love this dress more than anything, the print if perfect! I think I'm going to wear it for New Year, I think it could be the best £12 I've ever spent).
Leather/ Suede bag; (present) Zara; £60 (I think it has gone down in the sale to, how annoying)
Snakeskin Kimono; H&M sale; £10
I've never really been one for fighting threw the sales for a cheap price but I haven't bought myself clothes for a long time so thought I'd give the sales a go.. I'm so glad I did, two dresses and a kimono for around £40 is cheap as chips. 
Hope you are all well.


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

OOTD; Statement Collar

Today's outfit includes these 'disco style pants' I have been looking for some American Apparel dupes for a while, I do have the gold ones from AA which I paid £70 for but I didn't really have the money to go all out on another pair (Christmas presents took the disco pant fund) so I thought I'd give these ones from eBay a go. I'm pretty happy with them except my camera doesn't photograph the colour of them properly, they are emerald green, &I paid £19.99 for them from HERE.
I'm going to do a review for them in the new year comparing them to my AA ones, so keep an eye out for that to. I have also finally found a shirt with a perfect statement collar, I've been on the lookout for one for a while now, it's great for under jumpers in this wintery weather.

I've decided I'm going to start only blogging posts I'm truly happy with, I think recently I have been more bothered about the amount I'm blogging than actually what I'm putting on here, so I'm going to put more effort into my images/ text etc. rather than just trying to get as many posts up, that could be my new years blog resolution.. Looking at other blogs has made me want to make mine as best I can, and even to be abit more outgoing with my outfits, I feel like a plain Jane when I look at other's blogs.
Blouse; Charity Shop; £3.
Cropped Velvet Jacket; Charity Shop; £3.
Shoes; Topshop; (old)
Hope you are all well!


Tuesday, 27 November 2012

OOTD; Safety Pin Dress

This dress is from a DIY that I showed on here a few weeks ago, HERE
I thought I do a outfit post with it even though I've shown all the clothes before, It's abit cold to wear it on its own now so with a blazer and maybe even a coat to I think it would be great for winter. 
Hat; Vintage Shop; £5.00
Blazer; Vintage via eBay; £20.00
Boots; DIY


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

OOTD; Hearts In Trouble

Top; Vintage Shop; £1.
Dress; (underneath top) Topshop; £46
Headband; Topshop; £10
Shoes; Topshop; £28


Saturday, 3 November 2012

Unlikely Icons; My Favourite

Dame Edna Everage
So, I was sat feeling sorry for myself tonight with my lovely tonsillitis, when I started having a think about my unlikely icons then this lovely lady(man?) popped up on television in an amazing sequin eye jumper. I actually love every outfit I've seen.
[All the clothing images via. Polyvore]

I haven't linked any of these item's but I'll leave a reply comment if you wish to know where to buy any of the item, the eyelash glasses&lobster necklace are from Tatty Devine which I think are the most outgoing pieces above. We should of all known how stylish she was having pastel hair all that time ago.
I've never been one to clash all the patterns and colours of my clothes but I'm going to start having ago, Dame Edna is my new style icon for sure! 


Monday, 29 October 2012

Unlikely Icons;

[today I wanted to do a post a little bit different, I thought using people/animals/characters would be a good way to inspire outfits, so that's exactly what I have done] 
(all images via the Polyvore website)

Thursday, 25 October 2012

OOTD; Winter Jumpers.

Sorry I haven't posted for a few days but the good old winter flu has caught up on me.. 
Jumpers are like essentials for the wintery months.. England is like living in the north pole except rainy instead of snow/ I think layers are the best for this kind of year.
I wore this jumper with just a midi skirt and creepers but in winter I would need tights or atleast socks.
Both my jumper and skirt were from charity shops& creepers from eBay.. 
I'm going to be posting some Halloween themed post over the next few days, so keep a eye out for that.. 
Hope you are all well.


Saturday, 20 October 2012

Everybody's dressing up, I'm dressing down/

I think dressing down 'party dresses' is a good winter style, I always feel like I don't get much wear out of them during the colder months so I thought I'd show how you could wear dressy dresses for day wear.
dress; #
coat; # 
bowler hat; #
necklace; #
satchel; #
boots; #
Layers; by adding layers to this outfit it will take the detail from the dress and to looking at what you are actually wearing with it, tartan is also a Autumn trend therefore adding this coat will suit it best to this season. I would also add simple black tights to keep you warm. 
dress; #
faux fur coat; #
cardigan; #
tube scarf; #
belt; #
shoes; #
Maxi dresses/skirt are always great for winter as they are easy to just pop on with a basic tee/jumper. To really dress down this look I added a snood style scarf this takes away the neckline along with a casual grey cardigan which adds a autumn colour theme. I thought I'd add detail to this look with the little fox faces loafers..I love them but they are quite expensive however you could probably do a DIY to a basic black shoe to get a similar look.
dress; #
beanie hat; #
scarf; #
bag; #
boots; #
Beanies are pretty 'big' this season (I've just ordered this myself) and I think teaming a very detailed dress with a backpack and beanie instantly makes it look casual. I love these boots to, plus they are pretty cheap.
I would wear black tights with this look too. 


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Ahcahcum Muchacha Cat Bags/

I was looking on Tumblr the other night when I spotted a picture of these amazing cat bags, I've tried finding a place to buy them but I just can't find them anywhere! I know they are a Japanese brand called Ahcahcum Muchacha. I found some websites but they were sold out, they have a facebook page to but obviously it isn't in English. I think the cute little faces and not been able to have one for myself makes me want one even more. If anybody knows any more about them please let me know. 
Hope you like them too.