Sunday, 29 September 2013

Unlikely Icons; Would a spaceman wear a skirt?

holographic skirt | £38 (not exact same)
A holographic skirt& lots of pastel colour, what more could you need from a outfit, I really love this skirt but couldn't find the exact link but the one from Topshop is really similar.
Nothing says spaceman inspired quite like a load of planets on your skirt, Although the hat and blouse are pretty simple I think the metallic shoes and jacket would really 'set this look off', lets face it who doesn't want to look like a tin foil spaceman.. only slightly more fashionable.
Cosmic dinosaurs, this top is actually a men's from Topman but I love wearing men's t-shirts especially with really girlie looks& tucked into skirts. Plus I doubt any boy would wear a pink blazer with his space themed dinosaur top anyway.


Saturday, 21 September 2013

OOTD; Pastel Pink

pink jumper top | matalan | £7.00
skull necklace | topshop | £12.50
skirt | topshop (old) | £40.00
Pink is going to be such a big trend this winter, usually I'm not a 'pink kind of girl' but I actually love the trend, pastel pink coats are a new guilty pleasure. I saw this little jumper/top in Matalan and for just £7, I think its one of those things you could wear over and over with lots of different things& because of the shape really good for layering to. I'm probably going to end up dressed head to toe in pastel colours by the end of December, or completely hating them.. either way I love them for the time being.
Hope you are all well.


Tuesday, 17 September 2013

OOTD; Vintage Hand-Me-Downs

coat | vintage
dress | matalan | £16.00
Today's post is full of almost blown over/ fancy drain pipe photographs, the wind made it a perfect day to wear my new vintage coat. My nan's friend actually gave it to me& I honestly couldn't be more happy with it, she's had it over twenty years and it even has her initials embroidered into it which makes it even more special to me. I've wanted a basic black dress like this for a while now, I really like the collar and how it can instantly look smart without any effort at all. 
Although you can't see in this post, I've finally got my hands of some cut out boots. Since the Jeffrey Campbell boots were huge last winter, I've been on the lookout for something similar, suddenly everyone seems to of fell in love with them, I was to slow to grab myself a pair from New Look but then found these perfect ones in River Island, for £45. I really like how they are navy rather than black to, just something a little different. You can find them here or the is also black/patent black online.
Hope you are all well.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Sometimes blogging takes a back seat..

I haven't posted properly for almost two weeks now, which isn't really like me, neither is it out of choice. Since I started my blog I was on a year out (unexpected but still a year out). Last week I started my new course which meant I have been so busy, although outfit photographs do only take a few minutes of my day I just couldn't find the time, however I'm going to do my best to make time. 
Like I said, I've started my new course which is a Foundation Degree in Fashion Design&Technology. After a year of letting people talk me out of doing it (because it is such a tough industry and hard to get in to) I finally thought 'just do what you want'. To be fair everything is tough now a days so it's better to do something you enjoy. I already know I've made the right choice because I love it even after just three days. My year out showed me how important it is to be happy doing what you want. If you want to do it, do it.
Speaking of it..
I have been a huge Alexa Chung fan for such a long time, since school so around four/five years. She was the first person I saw& actually though 'I'd quite like to dress like that'.. Anyway, her long awaited book came out earlier this week and I can honestly say I love it. It's a really easy read, kind of like a scrap book of her life I guess.. From heartbreak to hairstyles, to how she gets her perfect winged liner. Alex Zane is even featured it in, what more could you want from a book! 
I'll be back to normal outfit posts this week, hope you're all well!