Saturday, 18 October 2014

Wishlist; Pastels & Cats

If anyone would of said a year ago I would be obsessed with pink/pastels I would never of believed them, but the trends of this year seem to of really wore off on me & suddenly I'm addicted to dressing top to toe in pastels/different shades of pink, hence this very colourful wishlist post..
Olivia Burton Watch | link | asos | £37.00 on sale
Cat Clutch | link | new look | £20.00
Lilac Coat | link | £65.00
PVC Skirt | similar on eBay
Miu Miu Sunglasses | link | £££

I created this wishlist before I made a Missguided order, &found pretty much the exact same lilac coat for much less at just £40.00, you can see it here.
I'm so happy with it because I've wanted a lilac coat for such a long time 
& love the cocoon style shape too.
Hope you're all well.


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

OOTD; Pink on Pink on Pink

hat | primark | £4.00
coat | topshop | oldish
grey t shirt | primark | £3.00
necklace | asos | oldish
pink faux pony skin clutch | asos | £30.00
pvc skirt | asos | oldish
boots | vagabond | £100

Think this outfit can be perfectly described as a walking marshmallow, 
but to be fair if you can't be marshmallow in Paris then where could you be?

Hope you're all well.


Monday, 13 October 2014

A Peek Into Paris

As I said in my last post me&my friend found a late deal for a weekend trip to Paris. 
Booking it was a kind of a spare of the moment thing but we honestly had such an amazing time. 

We spent most of the two days wandering around just taking in the atmosphere of the city, 
(as well as eating a fair few crepes & drinking plenty of hot chocolate). 
The Eiffel Tower was an obvious first stop& the weather was so beautiful whilst we were close to it (perfect weather for the typical tourist photograph's), then we did a fair bit of shopping as well as swooning over some of the most beautiful window displays I've ever seen. 

A trip on a little bike in the evening is something I doubt either of us will ever forget, &just cycling past the tower lit up at night was a really lovely thing to do. I love how so many memories come out of a holiday, even if it is just a short city break.
I thought I'd share a few photograph's in this post &then my next post will be an outfit.
Hope you're all well.


Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Abit of a catchup; Long time, No blog.

I just wanted to put together a little post not really to explain why I haven't blogged but more so what I've been up to. 
Firstly I've started back at uni which obviously means I have much less time on my hands. During this year I create a nine piece collection which I'm so excited about (I swear I haven't shut up about it since the day I went back) we're able to choose our own themes which can be whatever we want them to be, mine is Granny Chic which is pretty much going to consists of a huge amount of pastel faux fur. I'm pretty sure I'll be waving goodbye to my social life and saying hello to nothing but sewing after Christmas, but till then plenty of planning and designing is happening.
Just to give you an idea of what my collection will look like, this is one of my visual mood boards;
With uni comes a big decision that I'm still unsure about, my course is currently a Foundation Degree with an automatic entry on to third year in which I'll graduate with a Fashion (BA). For me personally I am still unsure whether I wish to complete the third year or leave with my Foundation & get into the world of work properly. I think there's a lot of pressure on people nowadays when it comes to education and a lot of job applications are more bothered about previous experience rather than the degree qualification itself. As I do want my own business eventually I think short courses and a job would be best for me but then I'm terrified of throwing away a degree just by not completing another year. If anyone has any advice or has been through the same kind of thing then I honesty would love to hear from you 

Something else that's new is the amount of time I spend on trains lately (not that I'm complaining, I love a good nap on the train). My boyfriend lives about a two hour train ride from me now & quite close to Birmingham, which luckily for me is a city I had always wanted to visit. I love literally everything about the place especially The Custard Factory, which is full of all kind of vintage clothing shops and quirky buildings (&even a giant yellow monkey).
Visiting here has made me really think twice about my future and where I want to live, although I love Liverpool I'm starting to think there's a lot of places where I would love to spend more time.
Next weekend me & my friend are visiting Paris for the weekend which is something I'm seriously looking forward too, we found a late deal & thought what's the harm in two nights away. I've already eagerly planned my outfits so I'm sure some outfit posts will be up after that, although I've visited Paris a few times before who doesn't need another Eiffel Tower photograph to add to their collection?

I'm not really sure what I was trying to share in this post, but maybe that change isn't always a bad thing, new places & people can sometimes be for the best.
Anyway, I hope you're all well & I do plan to blog some new outfit posts pretty soon.