Monday, 31 March 2014

Somewhere a little different.

Today's blog post is a little bit different to usual just as I think endless pictures of outfits can get a bit boring. I visited Leeds this weekend with two of my friends& really loved it. I think its such a pretty little place with a lot to do. 
(We went mainly for a night out and a bit of shopping).

For nights out a lot of websites recommended Call Lane, there was a mixture of bars which were all quite indie & that kind of scene which I really liked it, in particular a little Hawaiian theme bar (just above call lane social club), you even got a free flower garland making the perfect flower crown of course. 
Or, in case you fancy a cocktail rather than a tequila shot, I'll mention the Alchemist (quite a few, not just in Leeds) which involved a lot of popping candy& a bubblegum milkshake for myself.

For shopping the main high streets has a wide mix of high end &designer shops however I'm a big lover of vintage shops&once again the Call Lane area had more vintage shops than you could possibly wish for. As well as this there was a small record fair being held in what looked like a old church/building (here's where most of my photographs are from), once in there we found a whole load of smaller vintage shops all offering the loveliest of things from Alice in wonderland cups to 60's sunglasses. 
Personally I think Leeds has a lot going on& kind of regretting my choice to stay at home for uni when such cute little places are only a train ride away, I've already got my mind set on owning my own shop there one day but who knows. 
Hope you're all well& enjoyed the weekend.


Friday, 28 March 2014

OOTD; Sequins &Pastel PVC

top | topshop sale (a while ago) | £22.00
pvc skirt | eBay (new) | £20.00
This weekend I'm visiting Leeds for my friends 21st birthday, (organised blogger photographing my outfits early for a change), for nights out I never like to wear anything to boring, I'd rather get the funny looks for being top to toe in colour than just wear a plain dress. This in mind people might think sequins as well as pvc might be a bit much bit personally I think them both being pastel shades it looks quite subtle, as subtle as sequins can be anyway.
Last week I passed my driving test which is so exciting, first time too! Although it's slightly terrifying the thought I can legally drive a car, alone (think that's going to take a bit of getting used to) but I truly can't wait to start going on fun day's out.
Hope you're all well & enjoy the weekend.

Whilst in Leeds I'm going to try & photograph what I can in terms of the city itself& my outfits too, 
so a post should be up next week.


Friday, 14 March 2014

OOTD; Overly Blue Trousers

sunflower shirt | american apparel | £40.00
trousers | vintage shop | £3.00
hair bow | vintage shop | £1.50
I found these pants on a little sale rail in a vintage shop earlier this week, I never usually wear really bright colours especially not blue, so for £3.00 I thought why not give them a try. I know they look as if they've just fell out of a pensioners wardrobe (my dad asked if they were my nans) but I'm happy looking like a old lady ever now and again. 
I seriously over wear my sunflower top but I can't help it, I'm still lusting after the matching skirt! 
I hope you're all well & enjoy the weekend.

Monday, 3 March 2014

OOTD; Hats&Hologram

more like ; hats, cat ear's & hologram
coat | topshop | £80.00
crop top | new look | £5.00
hat | vintage | £5.00
hologram skirt | missguided | £25.00
I love hats but never really find the occasion to wear them, I bought this lilac one for just £5 at a little vintage table fair on Saturday. The table sale made me want to be a little old lady, they all had cute bikes with vintage baskets & I spotted so many sausage dogs! The pensioners of Formby are living the dream for sure.
 The hologram skirt, I bought a while ago, I really like how its quite a simple shape making it easy to wear & not look to overdone, especially considering you're walking around in silver shimmery skirt. 
I'm so glad Spring is on it's way as I'm seriously sick of the dreaded black tights, after wearing them practically every day over winter I think my legs will be shocked to see the sunlight soon.
I hope you're all well & enjoying the sunshine.