Thursday, 31 January 2013

Winter Weekend Away

This weekend, I visited Disneyland Paris with five of my friends, it was so fun (cold but fun) and also so nice for us to all be together, I think once you leave school/college etc. You realise just what it’s like to not see those people every day, and realise it was took for granted. This is the third time I've visited Paris, once before to Disneyland on a school trip and the other to see the sights as a Christmas present (the eiffel tower was pretty much the only reason I wanted to go last time). Anyway I thought I’d share some of my pictures along with the outfits I packed with me to;
blazer | asos sale | £39.00
white t-shirt | topshop | £8.00
nude skater dress | american apparel | £40.00
blouse | charity shop | £3.00
jumper | gap | £30.00
disco pants | american apparel | £70.00


Monday, 28 January 2013

OOTD; Floral Clash

blazer | topshop via. ebay | £40.00
skirt | next | £18.00
blouse | charity shop | £1.00
shoes | topshop | £45.00
As you've probably guessed the UK has had quite a lot of snow recently, I thought I may aswell freeze whilst taking outfit pictures like everybody else. I wanted this blazer years ago but only a few months ago could actually get my hands on it from a seller on eBay. I also had this skirt hiding at the back of the wardrobe which I actually liked when I put it on with the blazer, I love how it creates this kind of matching suit. I wouldn't really wear this look during the winter just due to how bright and summery the colours are, but I thought the pictures would be good, from how white the snow is but then with big bold colours, pretty much making my whole outfit clash. 
I hope you are all well& enjoyed the weekend. 


Thursday, 24 January 2013

Only spend what you can afford.

blazer | asos sale | £39.00
paloma tee | concert | £20
books | amazon | £10 - £15 each 
dvd | amazon | £4.00
tangle teezer | boots | £11.00
Lately I've being trying to budget my money abit more and not spend (waste) it on clothes, I used to buy whatever clothes I liked but just end up sending most of them to the charity shop, therefore I am only buying things I really really want. 
I saw the floral blazer on ASOS reduced from £90 which I thought was pretty good, It had a lovely matching pants but I just don't think I'd get much wear out of them, therefore it was just the blazer in my basket this time. I've wanted one like this for quite a while, I have a bright coloured similar one which is really only good for the summer so now I have one for each six months of the year (maybe?)
Last night I went to see Paloma Faith live in Manchester, she was truly amazing (even better live than on her album), I spotted the rabbit tee on her website a while ago but thought "oh I don't need it" .. obviously I did need it because ta daa, its hanging in my wardrobe now. 
The two books I've been wanting for a while now, I think they will be good to read as I'm not quite sure what I want to do with my life, not for a second am I saying a book is going to change my life but I just need to know what's out there. I've wanted to be involved in fashion/clothes/creative kind of jobs since I was about 15, its just finding the right thing for me. A lot of websites recommended the Visual Merch book, I think I want to head down that end of fashion, so that was a essential on my 'book list' (one of my new year goals is to read more, so far I'm doing pretty well).
Tangle teezer I'm going to review when I've had it for a while.
I hope you are all well.
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Friday, 18 January 2013

So called goth shoes..

left to right;
Jeffrey Campbell Platrane (black leather) | £120 | Office 
Acne Jordan Cut Out (in black) | £500 |
Milly High Platform Block Heel Lace Up Boot (in black) | £25 |
Topshop Arielle2 High Hiker Boots (in navy) | £90 | Topshop 
AJ Cut Out Heavy Ankle Boots | £95 | Topshop

I know I'm probably late blogging about this trend but recently I've been getting more hooked on the idea of 'goth boots' as quite a few call them. The Jeffrey Campbell ones have been around for ages now, I think its a love it or hate it thing, I found some amazing white platform ones on eBay, yet somebody outbid me in the left couple of seconds which was almost heartbreaking. Alot are quite expensive however if you get your wear out of them, ££ its worth it. I've picked out a range of different pairs (vary in prices to). Alot of the Topshop ones are sold out or just not many sizes left, so snap them up quick. 
Whilst the snow is everywhere outside I thought at least blogging nice shoes is fun, even if I couldn't wear them right now.
 Do you think they are your cup of tea? 
all images via. Polyvore


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

OOTD; are you wearing your nan's curtains?

cardigan | marks&spencers | £25.00
blouse | charity shop | £4.00
skirt | diy 
This outfit is a bit of a mix and max outfit with a lot of textures going on, I really like this eyelash-ish texture cardigan which I got in the M&S sale, it feels like a mohair knit. My skirt is from the previous post ( here ) I'm wearing it with just tights under however it is (obviously) see through with it being lace so a body-con skirt would work better underneath, I think it would be good for a holiday to, just pop on over a bikini .. thinking of summer sunshine on a cold January afternoon always helps.


Monday, 14 January 2013

DIY; Lace Skirt

Ever heard to quote "you look like you are wearing your nans curtains" .. Well you actually can!
If you are anything like me, you hate throwing things away however old net curtains are something I'm not really a fan of keeping (until now that is) .. This DIY will show you how to transform a unloved curtain to a maxi style skirt in hardly any time at all.
(I usually photograph my DIY post but I've been thinking and thought it would be easier for you to see how to do it, from a video.. It's the first time I've recorded a video so sorry its not up to scratch). 
you will need: 
- a old lace net 
- pins
- needle and thread 
- waist elastic
 measure your waist and cut enough lace and elastic to fit.
 pin both raw edges together and sew (I used a machine but hand stitch is just as good, just make sure its tight, don't want the skirt to fall apart whilst wearing it) 
with using a net curtain you already have your waist band sewn (just don't sew up the gap)
 this is where you will thread the elastic
(try adding a safety pin to the elastic as it will be easier to work it through)
 hand stitch the elastic band
 hand stitch to sew the lace together
 make sure to wear a body-con style skirt underneath
(you could make one in the same method as this)

You could actually make any skirt from any material using this method except you would add a hem&a waist band. Any fabric you like! I will post a outfit based around this skirt tomorrow to. 
Hope this helps& give's you some ideas. 


Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sunday Steal

ysl  jumper | charity shop | £3.00
This week's steal is one of my favourite things I've found in a charity shop, I saw the blue jumper& picked it up thinking it would do for layering, when I spotted the logo&label I was so happy. Thing is with stuff like this, it can have a designer label but just be a horrible item so I was so glad it was just plain and a dark navy blue colour. Charity shop usually read labels and cost a silly amount for things so I was pretty shocked when it was only a couple of pounds. I think its a man's but .. for £3.00 I'd say its well worth wearing a man's jumper!


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

OOTD; Leopard Blouse

blouse | charity shop | £3.00
levis shorts | urban outfitters | £25.00
necklace | diy from old bracelet
Today is just a simple outfit with surprise surprise another charity shop blouse. I think a simple blouse pretty much always look good with denim cut off shorts, these ones are Levis but any shorts will do, if you want to re-work some old jeans just chop the legs off (at a suitable length of course) and there you go, don't even have to hem them which saves you a job. I think dad's would be good people to ask for old Levis jeans, save you buying some? If not eBay always have some for you to bid on.
I bought mine from Urban Outfitters for around £25.00 (before my bargain crazy days) and they are actually men's anyway, so don't worry about using dad jeans.. 
Hope you are all well!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sunday Steal

I was thinking of new things/posts I could bring to my blog, when I came up with the idea of 'Sunday Steal'. I mean obviously I'm not going to steal anything but I'm going to blog each Sunday(Or every second Sunday?) about something that week I've found for a cheap deal/well priced and share it with you. I'm going to try and vary it each time (for example it not just all being from charity shops, not always being clothes etc.). I love seeing what people have found and are pleased with so I thought it would be nice to do on a weekly basis.
This week is TIGHTS ..
sisi moda tights | tk maxx | £2.99
With the Winter months, tights become a everyday essential but black can become abit boring.. I spotted these ones in TK Maxx earlier this week and really liked them. When the whole 'stocking tights craze' started it completely put me off them, however these are something abit different, I liked how the top area is white rather than flesh coloured& It's obvious you have tights on, not just stockings. I had a look online for the tights and found them (here on eBay) for £14.00 plus £2.00 p&p making my £2.99 purchase look like even more of a steal. Have you found a bargain this week?

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Ahcahcum Muchacha Cat Bags/ I got one!

So a few months ago, I feature a post all about (these) cat bags I had seen on Tumblr. Alot of people commented and got in touch with me asking did I have any idea where they could get one.. I didn't/
I looked everywhere for the bags and yet the only way I could get one would be to use a Service which would ship it from Japan or pay alot (£150) for one on eBay. The more I found out about them, the more I thought I had no chance of getting one, they were originally a free gift with the Ahcahcum Muchacha summer catalogue (which isn't available in the UK) and only really sold in Japan, but as they say the internet works wonders and "TA DA" look what I've found. 
I am truly so excited to do this post as I've wanted them for so long, I got them on eBay for £20.00 with free p&p from Hong Kong (how amazing!). They came via. airmail so I was not expecting them until at least late Jan, however they arrived today just a few days after the dispatch date (I've ordered things from the UK which have taken longer to get here). The seller I purchased mine from has now sold out but I did come across another (here, on eBay) which is selling them even cheaper (around £13). Obviously because I got my bag from a different seller I don't know about dispatch time or anything for this sale. What I do know is I am so happy with the bags and even happy to accept the strange looks I will get with these little faces on my shoulder. I love them! I hope this helps with anyone who wants a cat bag just as much as I did!