Sunday, 28 April 2013

Unlikely Icons; Granny Chic

I was looking at old photographs today (as you do) and came across my old 'myspace', I wrote how "I probably dress like your nan" when I was fifteen, this got me thinking. I'm always lending my nan's clothes and think some granny's dress amazing.. This made me think of a few outfits I'd wear myself but also what the 'older woman' could feel happy wearing..   
floral cardigan - most nan's love a patterned cardi
midi skirts - nan's usually have a ankles only rule, I'd be worried if I saw them in mini skirts
cape - I loved this cape coat and the colour to, I could see a granny in it for sure
brogues - because it's a obvious choice for flats, no heels here
bag - a cute crotchet bag 
glasses - cat eye glasses to relive their youth of course

I think this is more 'glam 20 year old nan'
hat - to pop on during bad hair days
satchel - because they just keep coming back into fashion, reminder of school
socks - maybe another school reminder, or swap for black tights
dress - tartan, all nan's could pull off tartan& a cute nan friendly peter pan collar
sandals - sandals and socks done well
trousers | patterned pants are the best& I think nan's would look just a good in them
faux fur coat | pat butcher would be proud, maybe even add a bit of leopard print
t-shirt | all nan's love a plain tee
shoes | pastels colours would look cute with cute granny hair
glasses | vintage glasses.. what more can I say?


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

OOTD; Sequin Steal

sequin jacket | charity shop | £5.00
striped blouse | charity shop | £3.00
disco pants dupes | primark | £16.00
bag | vintage | £15.00
I've gotten so much wear out of these disco style pants recently, I see them as if they are like a classy version of leggings? I don't know what it is but I'm just not a fan of leggings. I think pretty much anything black is easy to create outfits with, especially pants, with a top tucked into these your pretty much good to go. I also clashed these two prints/patterns which I didn't think would really go together but actually quite liked how they look once I put them on. Also just a fiver for this sequin jacket was an absolute steal, I saw a similar one in a vintage shop for £35.00 which had sequins missing to, so for £5.00 I really can't complain.
Hope you're all well.


Monday, 22 April 2013

Something abit different; Favourite Designers

A few weeks ago, I posted a few of my sketches/designs on here, which got me thinking about bringing something a bit new to my blog, To carry on from that post I thought I'd move on to designers, collections, ideas etc. I know everybody's style is different and not everybody is going to love the same thing but I think it would be something abit new/different other than just posting actual clothes, this is going to be the first of five posts; my 10 favourite designers. 

Christopher Kane
I can't even explain my love for christopher kane's collections, I'm still sure that the gorilla and crocodile t-shirts (here) where my most favourite but these cosmic prints and amazing shaped dresses makes me think twice. These are a few of his older collections but I don't think anyone could get bored looking at these pieces.  

Louise Gray
The pattern's and prints in louise gray's collections make me feel like I have never worn anything worth calling 'patterned'. The clash of every single piece makes you think it just shouldn't look right except it does, she just got a concession collection with topshop to so I know she must be doing something right.
all images via. google

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

OOTD; Jungle Dress

dress | urban outfitters via. ebay | £15.00
jacket | vintage | £15.00
shoes | dr martens | £80ish
Lately I've being having a 'I hate all my clothes' month. I think everybody has them days you just want to wear pyjamas for the rest of your life, this dress has kind of become my outside pyjamas. I bought it off ebay and now I seem to wear on a weekly basis, it's one of those things you can just throw and feel like you look ok that day with zero effort. I didn't actually realise the sneaky drainpipe until I uploaded them so sorry about the ugly background, I really want to find a nice place to take my blog pictures but I can't really just pop down my tripod and snap some selfies in a park or whatever, if only I had a brother or sister. 
I hope you're all well.  

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

OOTD; Sequins and Florals

top | asos sale | £15.00
trousers | asos sale | £20.00
I wore these two items for a party at the weekend, I didn't plan on actually wearing them together but quite liked them when I put them on. I thought the top was white sequins but when it arrived it was actually colour printed onto the sequins, for a chance I actually liked it much more. ASOS is one of those places which the items don't always look the same as on the website however in this case it was a good surprise and not a 'oh god what have I bought' feeling. I think both items were pretty good bargains, the top was reduced from £50 as well and seems really good quality. I think I'll get a lot of use out of both things especially worn separate to keep them a bit more dressed down and casual. 
Hope you're all well!