Thursday, 30 July 2015

OOTD; Palm Playsuit

palm / banana leaf playsuit | h&m | £29.99

The banana leaf / palm print / the whole topical trend has really hit heights this summer and I am obsessed! I blogged about my palm tree trousers a few weeks ago, (you can see that here), 
&I think every single leaf print item I've seen since then, I have had to buy. 

So far just this month my palm themed purchases were; this playsuit and the matching print blouse (also h&m) .. a Lavish Alice cape (which I wore for my graduation) as well as a phone case. Now I know that probably doesn't sound a lot, but when they are all hung up together on my clothes rail (minus the phone case of course) it kind of looks like I'm planning on a trip to the jungle or just really really love the colour green. Three weeks into the month and 'ta da' I've bought myself the items to create a camouflage wardrobe. 

I seriously do love the whole palm trend& certainly won't be stopping any time soon.
Are you a fan of this trend? Or just not your 'cup of tea'? 
Hope you're all well.


Tuesday, 28 July 2015

OOTD; Slightly Overdressed Zoo Trip

dress | topshop | £50ish
sunglasses | miu miu
watch | olivia burton
leopard print sandals | topshop sale | £15.00
weird monkey pose face .. my very own, unfortunately 

Today's post is another holiday style OOTD, whilst away we headed to an animal reserve which was so lovely, mainly because most of the animals were endangered or had been rescued meaning it was even more special to see them in such a natural kind of habitat.Also each of the animals had sooo much space.. not a single tiny cage in sight which made me one very happy visitor. Whilst there my boyfriend even managed to touch one of the cute little lemurs which was definitely an exciting moment!

Abit more about my outfit.. I probably (most certainly // 100%) did not wear the most suitable outfit for climbing around a uphill zoo whilst in the boiling heat however I love this lace dress so very much! I bought it quite a while ago now but I wear it so often& can't see myself stopping any time soon, I think the bell sleeve detailing is one of my favourite features of it.
The leopard print sandals were a real steal getting them for just £15.00 in the Topshop sale, although if you are planning on buying a pair I would say give a trip to the zoo in them a miss.. maybe. 

Hope you're all doing well! 


Sunday, 26 July 2015

OOTD; Sunflower Fields

dress | Barbara Hulanicki
sunglasses | miu miu
shoes | primark | £4.00

Once again this dress is in a blog post.. I've already posted about this Barbara Hulanicki for Topshop dress a fair few times before on here& instagram but it honestly is one of my favourites, I managed to pick it up off Depop but you can read more about that in my older post here.

Moving on to the topic of the rows and rows of beautiful sunflowers in these photographs. Me and my boyfriend headed over to the South of France last week to stay in a villa with some of my family. 
Where we stayed was seriously beautiful.. kind of like something freshly printed on a post card. 
All around were these field of what looked like just endless sunflowers which was amazing to see. 

On our first day we headed to a local village for a bike ride and came across a vintage market to, which was a added bonus (for me anyway.. not so sure my boyfriend was to keen been dragged around in the boiling hot sun).. 
Anyway after we had done our fair share of cycling we stopped at a little bakery which turned out to sell the most perfect macaroons which we then ate whilst overlooking the river Dordogne. 

It was such a lovely day& luckily enough my cheapy £4.00 primark flats didn't fall apart whilst riding.. although it was a pretty close call though if I'm honest.

Hope you're all well.


Friday, 24 July 2015

OOTD; A Zara Bargain..

sunglasses | vintage shop in Liverpool | £10.00
dress | zara sale | £40.00
bag | vintage
shoes | new look | oldish

ZARA for me personally can be very 'hit or miss' especially when the sales are on, I either love everything or get grumpy and walk out because everything looks weird on me or sometimes just the simple thing of not actually liking anything. When I went to the Trafford Centre a good few weeks back now, ZARA was a huge HIT! 
I managed to find so many amazing sale finds, this embroidered dress being one of them. 
I really love how detailed the dress is and the smock style shape too, making it so easy to style! 
I think this will soon become a kind of 'go to' dress for me during these summer months.

I'm sorry I've been lacking a bit recently with posts but I've been really busy&then had a holiday getaway to France last week.. however a holiday means plenty of outfit posts to catch up on, so keep your eye out for them!
I hope you're all well, &do you have any holiday plans for this summer?