Sunday, 22 July 2012

Old houses&Polaroids.

So, I finally got my new camera and it was truly well worth the wait. I was going to buy a old polaroid but spotted these new fujifilm instax, the images come out at the size of a credit card, but they are so cute. Where I live the is this old empty building which I'd never thought to go to before, but when we went to look I couldn't believe how pretty it was, threw all the windows you can see the vintage wallpaper and ruined curtains, Its such a lovely place but is probably going to get knocked down. I also got lots of cute little badges from a charity shop, so I popped two on the jacket, the eyes open and shut.. I love it.
I think I've shown all these clothes before;
Dress; AA
Jacket; Vintage Fair; £22
Bag; ASOS; £37.50
Shoes; Topshop; £32.00


Sunday, 1 July 2012

Vintage Fair

Yesterday I went to a vintage fair in Liverpool, It was pretty big about four rooms full of rails.. 
I only bought these two things but I love them, especially the jacket I literally grabbed it when I saw it. Its from a shop called Red Hat No Knickers which is full of pretty cheap vintage things, I paid £22 for this and just £7 for the skirt.. I'd recommend the big vintage fair for sure! And I'm a very happy girlie with my new jacket. (even if it was a really really rainy day)