Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Butterfly's and Skulls

So, me and my boyfriend had a day off work today& didn't fancy just sitting in. I've been moaning about going the museum for a while now, simply to see the butterfly's in the old fashioned draws, It was actually a really fun day& the butterfly's were beautiful+ its a really interesting place, we had our lunch looking over Liverpool which looks alot nicer above than I usually see it.. +it was lovely warm weather which made all the difference.


Saturday, 19 May 2012

Vintage Buys; London

So in my last post I did say I'd post about what I bought in London.. so here we go.
I spent about £200 over all but I thought Camden was quite cheap for the things I got (most of my money went of food). The fur ankle boots are from a vintage shop called Berty&Gerty, (they have a website) .. +the boots were only £26. Then the second pair of boots I studded myself which I got for £15 from internacionale. They reminded me of the Topshop ones.. they are only plastic but for £15 does it really matter? Clothesss... Trust me to travel all the way to London and still end up buying things from H&M .. I got a bleached denim slip which I have wanted one of for agessss, I think it was about £15-£20.. &the tassel waistcoat was £19.99 which I think will be lovely for the summer.. I'm obsessed with tassels still.
I got this black star dress from a little vintage shop in Camden marekt, £34.00 but I felt like abit of a witch when I tried it on at home, so who knows when I'll get round to wearing that. The tie dye dress is from TK Maxx which I got for just £9.00 in the sale .. I also got this fun gorilla jumper from near Camden Lock, it cost £25 but I love how nobody near where I live will have one similar. Also a few bits of jewellery, Everybody brags about beautiful eye rings in Camden but for the life of me could I find one.. nope, but I did get these few bits.
I'm going out for my birthday night out tonight.. I just rushed to Topshop to try and find something to wear since me and the witch dress didn't suite hah. Hope you are all well&Enjoy your weekend. 

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Charity Shop and Vintage buys //

Just a few bits for this post, I went to a few charity shops today and got these two blouses and a pair of shorts, one top was £3.00 and the other £3.50, The shorts were just £1.99 which I might stud. Also I went into Raiders Vintage in Liverpool last week, the wasn't much I liked but I spotted this dress on the sale rail, it was just £5.00 which I thought was pretty good. Also my bag came which I showed in my last post, yesss. 
Sorry I haven't done a outfit post for agesss, I'll do one soon, Time just isn't on my side at the moment
/ work give me alot of hours.
Hope you are all well! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Tie Dye Bags;

I was on the Urban Outfitters website a few weeks ago and saw these bags but they were £85.00 each, I did consider it for abit but thought it wasn't worth it.. But then today I seen them for just £40.00 each £££.
I ordered the lighter coloured one, and used a online code which got me some money off which was good, It was £36.00 (with delivery). They are leather to which is pretty good for how much I paid for it ..  
(photo above is AA skater dress, navy blue)