Saturday, 31 May 2014

OOTD; Holographic &Pom Poms

coat | topshop
top | asos
bag | pull&bear | £16.00
trousers | primark | £12.00
sandals | ebay 
pom pom earrings | diy
Today's post is just a quick outfit from last night, we just went for tea and a few cocktails before watching some fireworks on the Albert Docks, I really love unplanned nights that just kind of work out as they do, they are always the best one.

I've wanted a holographic bag for absolutely ages& finally got my hands on this oversized one for just £16.00 at Pull&Bear, which I think is a serious bargain.

Another thing was pom pom's earrings (&shoe clips to, but that's a work in progress). After seeing them everywhere I honestly couldn't stop searching for them online, however a lot of the ones I liked were over £100 which I think is a awful lot for earrings, anyway this got me thinking how easy it probably is to make my own.
I just bought a meter of faux fur piping and a bag of earring loops and sewn them together, I'm so happy with how they turned out and already on a mission to create a pair in every colour I can think of.
I hope you're all well& enjoy the weekend!


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

OOTD; Marshmallow Pink

hat | vintage stall | £5.00
coat | topshop | £80ish
basic white top | topshop | old
extremely creased trousers | vintage stall | £4.00
shoes | tk maxx | £30

First of all I need to apologise for just how creased these trousers are, I had been cutting out fabric on the floor& basically leaning all over it and the pants, saying that I didn't realise quite how obvious the creases were until now, sorry about that. 
Bad blogger with my creased pants. 

Anyway, I feel as if I've caught some kind of 'pink loving illness' at the moment because I seriously can't stop wearing this colour, in all shades not even just pastels. 
So strange because if anybody would of said a few months back I'd be dressing in head to toe pink, I would of completely disagreed but the pastel pink trend has hit me hard. 

I thought the zebra shoes went quite nice with this outfit to, as they just add a bit of pattern/detail.

Has anyone else been loving the pink trend this month? Please let me know that I'm not the only one!
Hope you're all well.


Sunday, 18 May 2014

OOTD; Overdressed Aquarium

top | zara | £20.00
skirt | asos | £20ish
platform sandals | eBay | £25
sunglasses | asos | £10.00
bag | vivienne westwood

The Friday just gone was my 21st birthday, I had a party& went out the weekend before (which ended in nursing an horrendous hangover for the Sunday&Monday), so when it came to doing something on the actual day, even the thought of alcohol made me feel a bit ill, (I'm officially a pensioner now it seems). 
This meant a day out to the aquarium accompanied by a little bit of shopping& lunch with my friend was what felt like the perfect day!
Now don't get me wrong, I did feel slightly overdressed in a white PVC skirt strolling through the shark tunnel, but it was my birthday after all, think that makes me allowed.

I had such a lovely birthday& it really did make me realise how lucky I am to have such loving people around me. I'm never a 'soppy' kind of girl but birthdays do seem to make me seriously emotional.
I hope you're all well& enjoyed the weekend, whatever you got up to!


Saturday, 17 May 2014

Vintage Table Sale; Alot for Less

Today I visited a little village about an hour away from where I live, they have loads of vintage& charity shops as well as a heap of vintage looking bicycles everywhere, literally a dream place for me. 
To make things even better, today there was a huge table sale in one of the little old churches, I spent around £25.00 and honestly couldn't believe how many great bargains I got, all with genuine vintage labels to. 
( &minus the overpriced tags that you usually find).
floral two piece trouser set | £2.00 for both.
metallic/ pastel blue top | £2.50
leopard print kimono | £4.00
pastel pink high waisted trousers | £4.00
pattern peplum top | £3.00
pastel floral playsuit | £5.00
I also bought a huge reel of lilac wool to make a whole load of pom poms which was just £3.00 too.
total : £23.50
I've already re-organised my clothes rails ready to get snapping some outfit photographs.
Hope you're all well& enjoying the beautiful weather if you're here in the UK.