Friday, 3 February 2012

OOTD; First love, Last love, Only love, it's only love//

I've finally invested in a camera tripod,  I did photography in college for two years&never thought to buy one, but with blogging I'm sick of trying to balance my camera on silly objects. I took my pictures outside today, even though it is literally freezing (below freezing maybe?) I ordered AA disco pants last night, I've been thinking about it for agesssss! but they are so much for just pants, anyway I used the 30% off flash sale code last night, so its was £53.00 with p&p so, I got the gold ones, but probably will regret it and should of got black, Maybe I'll get them to, depends on how they look. Anyway.. Outfit.
Dress; American Apparel £40.00 -ish
Levis jacket; 99p; Oxfam
Tights; Preety Polly at New Look; £7.99
Bag; ebay; £30.00

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Cheap Creepers

So, creepers are a love or a hate thing.. you either love them or seriously hate them. I really really like them at the minute.. depending who//what they are worn with. I think some boys look really good in them, then you see a not so good look. Anyway, although I like them I don't think I'd wear them enough to pay that much money for them, so when I seen these old lady shoes in a charity shop I thought I may as well get them, They remind me so much of them (apart from the sole) but worth a go. Also they were only £3.00 and I thought I could wear these until I make up my mind about real creepers.. Let me know what you think.. Remember £3.00..