Thursday, 30 May 2013

OOTD; Stay Classy

lobster jumper | illustrated people at topshop | £45.00
shirt (just collar shown) | charity shop | £3.00
chain necklace | charity shop | £1.50
aa style pants | primark | £16.00

I got this jumper for my birthday earlier this month, I never usually like clothes with writing/quotes on them because I always find them quite cheesy, but I instantly loved this little lobster and I'm ashamed to say but did laugh abit at first, I'm glad I got it. The material is really good quality to compared to usual topshop products to, you can find it here if you want your very own lobster jumper.

I've brought my old faithful brick wall indoors, I was getting pretty fed up of having to go outside and move everything in the garden to take my outfit pictures, I got looking for some brick wallpaper and found this on eBay for really cheap (around £4.00) so no more standing round waiting for it to stop raining before taking my pictures. (wallpaper here)
Hope you're all well. 


Tuesday, 28 May 2013

DIY; Extra Easy Floral Crown

you will need:
- artificial flowers of your choice
- plastic head band
- wire cutters/ strong scissors
- strong glue
- clothes pegs
- paint&brush (optional)
- carefully trim stems from the bunches of flowers
- selects the ones you wish to use
- also keeping a few of the fake leaves
- remove the wire stems
- have a few practises at the placing and arrangements of the flowers before gluing
- trim the same amount of leaves as you have flowers
(I had 5 flowers so needed 5 leaves)
- apply the glue onto headband
- place the flower onto the glue
- stick the leaf over to hide any plastic stems
- peg in place ensuring the peg is placed over the stem to hold it in place to dry
- repeat until headband is full
- now is the time to add any extra flowers if needed (I used 7 in total)
- leave glue to dry for around 20-30 mintues
adding paint to the flowers is optional if you are happy with how the crown looks now, then stop.. 
if not grab your paints, I used simple water colours
- work from the outside of the petals, carefully building up colours
- apply quite thick onto the very edges of the petals carefully watering the colour down for the inside petals
- just work the colours until you are completely happy.. 
then you are all done!
make sure glue and paint is completely dry before wearing.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sunday Steal

I honestly think this is the best thing I have ever spent a £1 coin on, where I live the is a charity shop where everything is just a pound, whenever I walk past I always drop in to have a little look, and this week I nearly died with happiness when I spotted this on the rail. I've wanted a sheepskin kind of coat for ages now but just couldn't seem to get on that fitted me properly, I didn't try this on but I thought for a pound I wasn't really to fussed, when I got it home it fitted perfectly which made it ever more amazing. Such a good buy and I think it will be great in the winter..
have you found any great steals recently?
Just before I finish this post I wanted to mention.. whilst blogging I always try to vary what I post about, but the more I've been thinking the more I like the idea of post what I wear every single day for a year. I thought about doing it in weekly posts so like seven pictures of that week, I know I already post my outfits but not on a daily basis. 
I'm going to give it a try anyway.. Fingers crossed.
Hope you're all well. 

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

OOTD; Gold Velvet

dress | topshop via ebay. (brand new) | £45.00
necklace | topshop | £12.50
This is what I wore for my birthday this weekend, it was only a night out not a party or anything so I didn't want something to dressy. I've wanted this dress since I first saw it in Topshop quite a while ago, I never actually bought it and regretted it since. The dreaded 'I need a birthday dress' feeling came round and the was just nothing I liked, then I spotted this and didn't want to miss it second time round. I love this animal skull necklace to, I wanted a chunky chain but liked how this is a bit different since you have a little skull hanging round your neck (always at the ready if you meet a caveman whilst out).
I was adventurous for my birthday and actually did something different to my hair, going all out for the big 20, I'm not sure if I'm a fan of the beehive situation but as people say ' a change is as good as a rest'.
Hope you're all well.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Faces On Your Feet?

I recently bought some of the Topshop ankle socks (I went for glittery ones in the end) but whilst trying to decide I spotted these little animal face ones that seem to be getting  pretty popular. I didn't end up buying any because I wasn't sure how I'd wear them, but I know I'm going to end up going back for sure. If you aren't to keen on the faces I think any ankle socks look quite cute with shoes/boots or even heels. Socks and heels is supposedly a new summer trend so what more of a prefect excuse do I need to get buying some new statement socks hey..

Friday, 17 May 2013

OOTD; Birthdays Are The Best Days

fedora hat | charity shop | £3.00
bag | cambridge satchel company | £90.00
camel coat | charity shop | £10.00
Yesterday I hit the big 20 which means I'm no longer a 'teenager' uh oh. I think birthdays make you appreciate just how much your friends and family mean to you& what you mean to them (getting a bit soppy here but I think you'll know what I mean). Anyway during the day I went to the zoo with my mum&dad just for something a bit different, safe to say the butterflies where my favourite and when the land of you its the weirdest thing but so pretty at the same time, I think my dad was abit slow on the camera button to have one landing on me but, he was still kind enough to take some pictures. I went out with friends in the night& going out on Saturday to, so will post about my birthday outfit next week.
Hope you're all having a nice week!
cocoons before the butterflies are fully developed


Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Not So Scary Neon

I've not really being the biggest fan of the neon trend since it started late last year however I think I could be joining the neon band wagon .. late but still there. I recently bought a neon themed necklace which is surprisingly so wearable for kind of everyday and eased me into getting over the neon fear, this got me thinking about the whole neon thing and how its wearable for everybody..

| outfit one.. easy does it |
neon nails are the perfect chance to show off a little bit of colour without being overpowered.. I have chosen a white themed quite plain outfit (kind of) which you could easily any bright polish to..

| outfit two.. hide it with hair |
neon earrings are so perfect to add to any outfit.. I've stuck to quite monochrome colours for this look, just white& black then the slight pattern on the pants to make it a little bit more interesting.. if you aren't the biggest fan of bright earrings you could wear you hair down so that they only slightly peeked through.

| outfit three.. feeling brave |
all the neon trends seem to feature the colours with black&white stripes, I think this bright jacket and super statement earrings would look amazing with this dress, then the pumps to keep it slightly dressed down.. I can just imagine ice creams in the park with this look (maybe quite a posh park with those earrings).

| outfit four.. going all out |
I think this look has to be my favourite for sure! although the entire outfit isn't neon items, I think the mixture of patterns and textures would work well, especially once on the body. Maybe mixing neons and pastels could be a new summer idea. 
If you like me, feared the neon colours then I hoped this helped.

all images via. polyvore
if you want to know where anything if from just leave a comment& I'll link you straight to it, thanks.


Friday, 3 May 2013

OOTD; Your old is somebody's new

jacket | asos via ebay | £15.00
blouse | charity shop | £3.00
dress | american apparel | £40.00
bag | zara | £60.00
The title of this post gives a clue about this jacket, I've seen images of it floating around online, and been trying to get my hands on it for awhile now, good old trusty eBay let me bag another bargain where I managed to get it for just £15.00. I love how summery it is, and adds to my growing floral blazer collection (which is soon mounting up, I'm addicted to buying them/ buying anything floral). Unfortantly I've had to wear boring black tights today but I think it will be lovely in the summer with a simple outfit and maybe even a tan to (I can hope hey). 
Hope you're all well.