Wednesday, 8 April 2015

What's In My Bag?

I hate to admit it but I'm one of these nosey people who really enjoys the odd snoop into what people like to buy or carry around with them. I'm often cooped up watching peoples 'what's in my bag' youtube videos or reading a blog post of what they have recently bought etc. I think deep down everyone is a little bit nosey & want to see what other people buy, so I thought it was about time I shared what I carry around with me on a day to day basis too.. 
My bag is this iridescent Vivienne Westwood one, which I got for my 21st birthday last year. 
It's probably one of the most expensive things I own although I do use it a lot as I don't want to just save it for best &it actually just live in the dust bag forever. 
Vivienne Westwood Purse // My friends actually got me the matching purse to my bag for my 21st birthday last year, the purse was a surprise and they didn't actually know I was gtting the matching bag. I cried because of how well they knew me& how lucky I am to have them as friends (getting soppy on a what's in my bag post here.. moving on hey..)
Glasses // Vivienne Westwood
Keys // pom pom keyring // h&m
Sunglasses // Resurrection - vintage shop in Liverpool.
Soap & Glory // Blotting powder to make sure my make up doesn't become shiny throughout the day.
Perfume // YSL Black Opium 
Lipsticks // YSL - Rouge Volupte Perle - Colour Number 112
Mac Matte Lipstick - Colour - Flat Out Fabulous 
Lip Liner - Colour - Fashion Boost
Burts Bee's Lip Balm - Chocolote & Berry flavour/scent
Chanel Compact Mirror
Tangle Teezer // Anybody who knows me probably knows just how much I brush my hair.. tangle teezer's are like a actual god send, sent from the hair gods shall we say.. Because I curl my hair regularly and kind of back comb it slightly to give in volume it can sometimes get a bit matted throughout the day, so been able to brush it without the pain makes it so so much easier.
As sad as it is to say, tangle teezer's have actually changed my life (wow, how sad does that actually sound).. But I would most definitely recommend buying one, although they are pretty pricey for just a brush I do think they are well worth the money.
I'm onto my third one now, after an emotional experience of leaving one in Cafe Nero's toilet and the other I kindly donated to my mum. 
'Technology' // Iphone & Ipad Mini 
Portable Charger - Tesco - £10.00

I hope you're all well& maybe enjoyed having a little snoop into my bag .. 
Of course I never shared the endless messy shop receipts and train tickets.. 


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  1. ah all your cosmetics are so fancy and I love your Viv Westwood bag and purse <3 all these photos look gorgeous btw