Thursday, 9 April 2015

Paris // Mama Shelter

I don't usually post about hotels on my blog but recently me and my boyfriend went to Paris for his birthday, I initially wanted the trip to be a surprise so booking/choosing a hotel was down to me.. I had read about Mama Shelter on quite a few blogs, the main one being What Olivia Did, I thought the hotel seemed amazing from Olivia's blog posts and gave me a lot of confidence in booking the shelter for such a special occasion. I did read reviews about Mama Shelter too, but to be fair as soon as I seen the photographs of the quirky masks and apple mac's in each bedroom I was pretty much sold!
After staying in Mama Shelter for three nights, I can honestly say that it was everything I expected it to be & even more, although the hotel is slightly out of Paris (closer towards the Stade De France than the Eiffel Tower) both me and my boyfriend agreed it was well worth the few extra metro stops. It took around twenty five minutes on the Metro to get back to the hotel from the city centre and there are quite a few metro stations as well as buses close to the hotel therefore transport isn't really a problem, plus if you're anything like us it gives you a sneaky reason to buy a cake/pastry from the bakery on the way home..well, we were passing anyway of course..(insert the little pig emoji's here).

Speaking of food.. 
We ate twice at Mama Shelter.. once in the Pizzeria which was perfect.. think fresh handmade pizza's to order whilst sitting on wooden tables with vintage video's of James Dean playing. 
Secondly on our last night when we ate in the restaurant, we were seriously impressed with the meals we had of steak and Chinese chicken as well as some (just the one for me) very boozy cocktails.. 
They even have a whole heap of blow up rings as light features in the restaurant, what more could a place need?
Overall just the entire feel and atmosphere of Mama Shelter is something I can't quite explain, it was one of those hotels that you are actually excited to get back to, even in the middle of Paris, I was never disappointed to be heading back to our little room and I think that's something that not a lot of hotels can supply, hence me sharing my own blog post all about it& my personal Mama Shelter experience.

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