Monday, 20 April 2015

Some things are worth saving for; Miu Miu.

Way back in October last year when I went to Paris with my friend, we were looking in all the sunglasses shops on the Champs Elysees, now obviously I'm one of the many people that love Miu Miu and their perfectly pink packaging however at the time I couldn't really afford to buy myself a pair, atleast not without dipping into my student loan anyway. So when I knew I was heading back earlier this month I thought it would be the perfect time to invest in the perfect glittery frames of dreams which I had thought about none stop for the last six months or so.
I went for the green glittery ones in the cat eye style shape, I did try a few other shapes and patterns on such as the hexagon leopard print and circle glittery ones too, but these ones best fitted my face& I liked how the green glitter was quite neutral in a way and not too in your face, or too over the top (well, as not over the top that glittery glasses could be)

Buying them whilst in Paris did save me a little bit of money, around £30, &although it wasn't an awful lot I much preferred buying them first hand as it meant I was able to try the glasses on my face instead of just ordering them online& hoping for the best, as well as having to wait for the postage and then maybe have to send them back if they didn't suit me. 
Overall I'm so happy with this little glittery purchase& so excited to start wearing them properly over this spring // summer. 
Have you made a pricey purchase lately, or have something in mind that you're saving up for? 
I would love to know, & I hope you're all well too.


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  1. Omg those sunglasses look so gorgeous, Miu Miu is definitely something special which will last you years and years <3