Monday, 17 June 2013

Something abit different; Favourite Designers #3

Romance Was Born
I have the lovely SARA to thank for finding out about this amazing collection, Sara commented on one of my posts telling me about this brand&I can't thank her enough, Romance was born is one of the most 'fun and experimental' fashion collections I've seen, I think all they're models look like super fashionable aliens! As you can see from the images they use alot of clashing fabrics, colours and prints.
I've always being a fan of this brand, I remember having the perfume when I was about thirteen, thinking I was 'it' with a designer perfume. But Moschino have kept up their creations and stuck around, still being a favourite seven years later.. however I'm much more keen on their clothing now. Their range is a mix of quirky and sophisticated items which thinking about is actually a really hard balance to achieve. From floral's to neons to little black dresses, I love it all. 
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  1. :D I knew you would love Romance Was Born. Wish we girls had this dresses and could have a mad alien tea party in wonderland. :-D