Monday, 31 December 2012

New Year, New You?

I've never really being one of these people to do the whole 'new year, new me, new everything' because I don't think the majority of people stick to that, however ambitions/plans for the new year is another story which I think everybody should do.. I was looking online and came across this cute idea (link here). 
You fill the jar throughout the year of things you have done/enjoyed during the year, then next new years eve you open the jar and read through all the stories/notes and memories. 
I think it's a lovely idea& going to try it myself for sure! I also thought you could keep the notes in a vintage tea pot just to be a little bit different? Also mixing the paper you wrote on would be abit different, maybe even write on fabric? wrappers? etc. Or you could also put small objects in for the memories.. 
I think it's kinda a one year memory box. If you don't fancy this idea I have came across these two books that are kind of the same idea;
A Question Each Day Diary- here
One Line A Day- Five year memory book; here
This year hasn't really being the best year for me so I'm pretty glad to be seeing the back of it. Do you have any interesting idea's for next year?
Anyway, I hope you all have a happy&healthy year, &thank you all so much for following/reading my blog, It really does mean alot to me, I never thought I'd enjoy blogging even half as much as I do, also the people I have spoken to due to my blog is one of the best things.
Thanks all so much!



  1. This is such a wonderful idea, I would love to do this myself. I think I will go the charity shop this week and buy a teapot.

    1. Thanks Anna, I'm doing the exact same, I had a jar but want a teapot instead. Let me know if you do/ xx

  2. Great idea! I've totally got my heart set on that 'one line a day' book! Think I might have to buy one!

    lucy xx

    1. Thank you Lucy, &I know, they are so nice. xx

  3. i've just bought that one line a day one, thanks for the suggestion! my mum did a similar thing to that jar thing, as a present for one of her friends. put in a load of happy memories that they'd had together, very sweet!

    1. Ah really, Glad to help, the books look lovely.
      &that is such a nice idea, so thoughtful. xx