Friday, 7 June 2013

Something abit different; Favourite Designers #2

Leroy Nguyen
Leroy is a pretty new designer (2012 was his first runway collection after graduating) but no way has he being overlooked. To be honest I've only recently heard of him myself, I saw one of his jackets on a blog post and fell in love with the bold prints and unusually cut jackets. He describes who he designers for as; confident women who don’t feel the need to try too hard to be sexy; women who like to have a bit of fun with fashion; women who like to be bold, but also appreciate the importance of quality and comfort.
The matching jackets and shorts are so beautiful, I just want them all.
Meadham Kirchhoff
Where do I even start with these designers, its like a sweet shop&circus have merged and created a runway collection. I love the mixture of metallic textures and the models colourfully dyed hair in their latest shows, although previously to this they had a menswear range called 'Benjamin Kirchhoff'. 
You can watch their previous runway shows here
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