Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sunday Steal

JuJu Jellies | Debenhams | £12.00
Today's sunday steal finally doesn't feature something from a charity shop (hooray!).
I know everyone will remember the jelly shoes when they were younger, I had clear glittery ones but who would of thought ten years later they'd be back.. Well they are back and even better.
I was on the fence about getting a pair for myself, as I thought they'd be the new disco pants where everybody has a pair however I knew they'd be good for on holiday. I finally thought oh just buy them, I knew I wanted a light colour although the glow in the dark pink nearly swayed me, the only place I could find this gold colour was debenhams which seemed like a unlikely place if I'm honest. The debenhams website had them on offer for £12.00 which is amazing since the same ones were £30 in urban outfitters, it was free delivery to which is even better. The offer is still on for JUJU's so if you fancy picking up some for yourself you can find them (here).


  1. Great bargain, i love them! xo

  2. I love these! I actually just clicked to have a look and fell in love with the black- none left in my size though so will have to see if there's any left in the shop!

    Katie x

    1. Oh no! I hate when that happens, if you go on the JuJu Jellies website they have a list of all the shops which stocks them, fingers crossed you can find some! xxx

  3. I love them and already have glitter ones and pink ones (both with heels). Your golden ones are pretty too, I just can't get enough. xxx

  4. These are so cute! I really want some black ones!

  5. I've been sitting on the fence about the jellies trend too, but these gold ones are lovely! x