Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Today is the day..

Hello & a very (tiny bit late) Happy New Year! 
Now, I don't want to be one of these people that does the whole 'new year.. new me' situation but a whole new year is definitely something I see as a fresh start, whatever that may be within.. work, family, friends, hobbies etc. But that being said a fresh start can be any single day no matter if its the 1st, 3rd, even 29th day of the month! 

Of course, I want this to be the year were I plan (&actually manage) to blog every single week and stick to it but that's something that shall take time I guess, so for now I thought I'd start by sharing an outfit I wore over Christmas.. 
Think peter pan collars, leopard print & blue velvet! 

peter pan collar shirt | charity shop | £3.00
blue velvet skirt | topshop | £30.00
fluffy bag | asos | £30.00
leopard print lace up shoes | topshop | £70.00

I wore this outfit for a few drinks on Christmas Eve & really do love the hem of the skirt as it is almost a wave effect. This skirt was one of those items were you buy it and a few days later, ta daa there it is in the sale.. 
Annoying but I guess you've just got to think at least you have it in the right size & aren't desperately squeezing yourself into a size smaller in the changing rooms because you 'have to have it" or "it's only £15.00" .. we've all been there, trust me!

Did you manage to pick up any sale bargains? If so, I'd love to know! 
I hope you're all well & look out for my next post, I'm super excited to share where I went last week, it includes ALOT of pink! 



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  1. Stunning shoes! and so true about trying to squeeze yourself into the leftover sizes after a sale