Thursday, 28 January 2016

OOTD; Charlotte Simone Popsicle

Charlotte Simone.. 
The most dreamy & amazing faux fur accessories around in my opinion. So if your boyfriend not only knows about the brand to begin with but actually manages to find the one you've had your eye on for months and buy you it, he's a good egg right? 

I've loved the Charlotte Simone popsicles for I'd say at least a year and a few months now but after spotting one in Liberty for almost half price I did the whole "oh I don't need it" and as soon as I got home had the instant 'I NEED it, WHY did I not buy it' regret. With Valentines day coming up my boyfriend was so so thoughtful and after a lot of favours and phone calls to Liberty somehow managed to get me the pink popsicle!! As well as a black cuff too! 
Two Charlotte Simone's and I get to have them early too which is kind of like a present in itself. 

I think it means such a lot when somebody goes out of their way to get you something really special, even something not expensive (unlike this little faux fur piece) but knowing somebody has gone out of their way for you is one of the nicest feelings in the whole world. I did almost cry when I found out how he had got me them but held back so he didn't think I was completely weird crying over a little bit of fluff ha ha! 

I'm probably never going to take my Charlotte Simone scarves off until at least summer so lets see just how many outfit posts they appear in..

On Sunday we headed to a little place that was full of tea rooms and pastel painted buildings, we were only there for an hour or so, but after bacon & maple syrup pancakes and the BEST black forest hot chocolate I've ever had, we were more than ready to come home. That was of course after a few outfit photographs and me look extremely awkward as people walked past me taking them (naturally)..

black polo neck jumper | primark | £5.00
faux leather dungarees | topshop sale | £35.00
bag | zara | £30.00
lace up shoes | river island | £30.00

If you have somebody willing to go out of their way for you be sure to hold on to them, even if it's just them picking up your favourite sweets after you having a bad day, people like that are hard to come buy whether it's a friend, a family member, a boyfriend etc. Make sure they know you're grateful & appreciate it. 
I'm pretty sure my boyfriend is fed up of me saying thank you already and it's only been a week or so ha ha!

Is there anything pretty expensive you have on your wishlist and are saving up for at the moment?

I hope you're all well and have a great weekend! 


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  1. I love Charlotte Simone just as much as you do :-D My boyfriend got me the rainbow twist for Christmas, we both definitely have the best men ;-) xxx