Friday, 15 January 2016

We went to Sketch!

You know it.. The pink room of dreams! 

Now if you have no idea what I'm on about then let me share with you Sketch London, I originally found out about this wonderful place through Instagram & once I had discovered all about it I just could not stop thinking about it! 

Sketch is a restaurant/art gallery in which each of the rooms are themed differently.. for example there is a rainforest room with stunning bird images and trees here, here and everywhere. 
The parlour which is full of quirky items, colourful walls (&some seriously great hot chocolate) and of course the gallery which is currently designed by David Shrigley.. and a whole heap of pink! 
If you'd like to see better images and find out more about Sketch, you can find their website here.

Now you'd think out of all these rooms nobody would be too fussed about the toilets right? 
Wrong! The toilets are literally unbelievable as strange as that may sound! Rather than explaining, I'll just pop a few images below.. 
Egg shaped cubicles, that play music to you as you wee.. What more could you possibly want after a spot of afternoon cake in a huge pink room! As we went at Christmas time there were tiny snow covered Christmas trees placed on top of each egg, but usually there are super cute ducks in nests placed above them. 
Seriously I am so so happy I got to visit this place, it was so amazing and I'd definitely go back (I'm not too sure my boyfriend would be so keen on that idea though, I think he has heard enough about how much I want to live at Sketch haha).

That said.. of course we had to take a toilet selfie.. classy I know!
My coat is from topshop &Ciaran's jumper was topman..

Have you personally visited Sketch? Or would like too? 
Let me know as it truly is one of my favourite places I've ever visited! 

I hope you're all well, 



  1. I absolutely love this coat!

  2. I badly want to go to Sketch, the decor is just divine and the toilets just look so interesting and unique!x

  3. love your coats- and your cute photos from Sketch!