Friday, 13 November 2015

Meeting Alexa Chung!

Okay so, this is a post I can safely say I never thought I'd be writing, I mean ALEXA CHUNG!
Tuesday just gone, Alexa was in Liverpool (&Manchester the following day) promoting her brand new Snowglobe nail varnish. To be honest I didn't have the slightest idea about her visiting until one of my friends tagged me in a photograph of Alexa last week. I couldn't actually believe she was visiting Liverpool so of course I headed along, with my friend too! 

On the night Alexa was to be signing the brand new nail varnishes boxes however being the fan girl I am, I took my pretty little pink IT book along just on the off chance that she would sign that instead.. Ta DAAA, she did! She was honestly one of the nicest most genuine people & just as stunning in person. 
She even commented saying I looked lovely which was quite the compliment coming from her! 
I always remember being about 12/14 (the days of Myspace) and coming across the image of her in the cotton blue&white top&geeky glasses on, I had no idea who Alexa was from that image but it didn't take me long to become obsessed! I think she stands for a lot of positivity within the fashion world proving that it's not all about how much flesh you show but more about how you dress& what people will think of you for it. 

One of my most favourite quotes by her is this one.. 

My gripe is that a lot of young girls aspire to be super sexy and I don’t see why. What is attractive or alluring is not necessarily how much flesh you bare, but how good your brain is, or how much charm you have. Fake tan, fake tits - this porn thing has become embedded in our culture. It’s a shame. Maybe it’s because I’m a country girl, but I hate it when women only dress for men. I think it’s more exciting to reveal less. Maybe wear layers of smocks and then have super-sexy underwear on. Dress like a pilgrim on the outside and a whore underneath.
— Alexa Chung
&something I most definitely live by! 
Whilst at the Harvey Nichols, I picked up this BLUE, yes blue MAC lipstick (named Matte Royal) that I have had my eye on for a while. I've only tried it out once so far but I actually really like it. 
I think because it has hints of purple within the blue colour it's a little more Autumn/Winter and less Joey from friends! (thanks Soph haha). I'm sure I'll post an instagram image of this quirky blue addition soon enough.
Hope you're all well!



  1. Aww how lovely! So jealous you got to meet her, she seems so funny! :)

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  2. That sounds totally fabulous! You both look great