Thursday, 5 November 2015

Chanel Dupes?

So of course, me along with the rest of the world wouldn't turn down a pair of Chanel trainers if given half the chance, however it's not to likely that a chance like that is going to happen any time soon. 

After last years SS15 Fashion Week everybody seemed to go wild for the tweedy numbers from Chanel, but with a oh so extravagant price tag a girl can only dream right? 
Unless, like me it's not so important as to whether the well known Chanel label is actually wrote inside the shoe..

If you have no idea what I am on about then here's a few pictures of the original Chanel running shoes..
Now for my £9 bargain dupes from out of all places.. Tesco!
I'm not 100% sure if I'll even get round to wearing these pastel dupes but I spotted them and they instantly reminded me of the Chanel ones so I thought for under a tenner, why not pick them up as a just in case. Obviously these shoes aren't an exact copy& to be fair Tesco probably haven't even realised they are quite similar to Chanel but after swooning over the originals for so long they definitely caught my eye whilst doing my food shop, haha.

The only thing with these shoes is, I kind of feel like the colouring makes them quite tricky to style but I'm going to keep them in my wardrobe and hopefully the perfect outfit will come to me soon enough. All in all, a great bargain purchase in my eyes!

What do you think of dupes, or even just these ones? 
Are you to much of a label lover to ever buy a dupe? 

Let me know! 



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  1. Don't think it's a coincidence Tesco made sneakers with holographic strips and tweed post Chanel SS15... if I can afford it I always support the brand, but for brands like Chanel and Dior I can't afford it and go dupes if they're available