Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Unlikely Icons; Quick Halloween Costumes

Today I thought I'd share a few quick Halloween idea's that you could create from things you already own just in time for Thursday. None of the looks I've created are particularly scary as I think creating a skeleton or witch look is quite easy to do, plus a bit boring dare I say it.
Frida Kahlo
First up, I thought of the amazing Frida Kahlo, when else could you draw on a monobrow or moustache and still look amazing? All you really need is a flower crown and a mix match of brightly coloured/patterned clothes. As well as the bold patterns, add some statement earrings and a milk maid hair do, then you'll be good to go.  Frida is all about clashing prints so don't worry if you look as if you've just threw on anything you own, It will probably look better that way.
Crazy Cat Lady
Unfortunately I don't think I'm going out for Halloween but if I was, crazy cat lady would be my number one choice for sure. All you'd need is a old nighty and a few cat toys, just stitch or staple them on to prove your crazy cat lady love. Either a grey wig or the cheap choice of talc-en powder in your hair, or if you want to be a stylish granny you could even try pastel hair. Pair all that with some oversized glasses frames and maybe a walking stick and there you have it.. crazy cat lady you are.
A unicorn tail and horn automatically makes a statement but with all the majestic colours and prints I think it would be amazing to walk/prance like a rainbow. You'll always get the one person who says "what are you meant to be?" So why not add a little bottle of unicorn tears that you could wear as a necklace. Just add glitter into a little bottle, then tied with a pretty ribbon.. You could just sprinkle people with glitter if they ask what you are.
Hope you're well& have a happy Halloween!

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