Tuesday, 28 May 2013

DIY; Extra Easy Floral Crown

you will need:
- artificial flowers of your choice
- plastic head band
- wire cutters/ strong scissors
- strong glue
- clothes pegs
- paint&brush (optional)
- carefully trim stems from the bunches of flowers
- selects the ones you wish to use
- also keeping a few of the fake leaves
- remove the wire stems
- have a few practises at the placing and arrangements of the flowers before gluing
- trim the same amount of leaves as you have flowers
(I had 5 flowers so needed 5 leaves)
- apply the glue onto headband
- place the flower onto the glue
- stick the leaf over to hide any plastic stems
- peg in place ensuring the peg is placed over the stem to hold it in place to dry
- repeat until headband is full
- now is the time to add any extra flowers if needed (I used 7 in total)
- leave glue to dry for around 20-30 mintues
adding paint to the flowers is optional if you are happy with how the crown looks now, then stop.. 
if not grab your paints, I used simple water colours
- work from the outside of the petals, carefully building up colours
- apply quite thick onto the very edges of the petals carefully watering the colour down for the inside petals
- just work the colours until you are completely happy.. 
then you are all done!
make sure glue and paint is completely dry before wearing.

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  1. oh wow, this little crown is lovely! such a great DIY with the steps, think I might try it out once I get some supplies x