Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sunday Steal

I honestly think this is the best thing I have ever spent a £1 coin on, where I live the is a charity shop where everything is just a pound, whenever I walk past I always drop in to have a little look, and this week I nearly died with happiness when I spotted this on the rail. I've wanted a sheepskin kind of coat for ages now but just couldn't seem to get on that fitted me properly, I didn't try this on but I thought for a pound I wasn't really to fussed, when I got it home it fitted perfectly which made it ever more amazing. Such a good buy and I think it will be great in the winter..
have you found any great steals recently?
Just before I finish this post I wanted to mention.. whilst blogging I always try to vary what I post about, but the more I've been thinking the more I like the idea of post what I wear every single day for a year. I thought about doing it in weekly posts so like seven pictures of that week, I know I already post my outfits but not on a daily basis. 
I'm going to give it a try anyway.. Fingers crossed.
Hope you're all well. 


  1. What a bargain! I bought a Sheepskin coat in a charity shop for £25 so you've done well xx

  2. Ah really, some charity shops are so pricey! Thanks for commenting! xx