Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Not So Scary Neon

I've not really being the biggest fan of the neon trend since it started late last year however I think I could be joining the neon band wagon .. late but still there. I recently bought a neon themed necklace which is surprisingly so wearable for kind of everyday and eased me into getting over the neon fear, this got me thinking about the whole neon thing and how its wearable for everybody..

| outfit one.. easy does it |
neon nails are the perfect chance to show off a little bit of colour without being overpowered.. I have chosen a white themed quite plain outfit (kind of) which you could easily any bright polish to..

| outfit two.. hide it with hair |
neon earrings are so perfect to add to any outfit.. I've stuck to quite monochrome colours for this look, just white& black then the slight pattern on the pants to make it a little bit more interesting.. if you aren't the biggest fan of bright earrings you could wear you hair down so that they only slightly peeked through.

| outfit three.. feeling brave |
all the neon trends seem to feature the colours with black&white stripes, I think this bright jacket and super statement earrings would look amazing with this dress, then the pumps to keep it slightly dressed down.. I can just imagine ice creams in the park with this look (maybe quite a posh park with those earrings).

| outfit four.. going all out |
I think this look has to be my favourite for sure! although the entire outfit isn't neon items, I think the mixture of patterns and textures would work well, especially once on the body. Maybe mixing neons and pastels could be a new summer idea. 
If you like me, feared the neon colours then I hoped this helped.

all images via. polyvore
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