Monday, 22 April 2013

Something abit different; Favourite Designers

A few weeks ago, I posted a few of my sketches/designs on here, which got me thinking about bringing something a bit new to my blog, To carry on from that post I thought I'd move on to designers, collections, ideas etc. I know everybody's style is different and not everybody is going to love the same thing but I think it would be something abit new/different other than just posting actual clothes, this is going to be the first of five posts; my 10 favourite designers. 

Christopher Kane
I can't even explain my love for christopher kane's collections, I'm still sure that the gorilla and crocodile t-shirts (here) where my most favourite but these cosmic prints and amazing shaped dresses makes me think twice. These are a few of his older collections but I don't think anyone could get bored looking at these pieces.  

Louise Gray
The pattern's and prints in louise gray's collections make me feel like I have never worn anything worth calling 'patterned'. The clash of every single piece makes you think it just shouldn't look right except it does, she just got a concession collection with topshop to so I know she must be doing something right.
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  1. I love both of them too. Both so colourful, wild and quirky. I also love the Australian label Romance was Born a lot., think you would like it too. A lot of patterns and colours as well. Love, xx

    1. I've just had a look and absolutely love the brand! Thanks so much for sharing xxx