Thursday, 21 March 2013

"life is too short to wear boring clothes"

Before I start this post, I feel as if I should explain why I have only blogged twice this entire month, I always try my best to blog a few times every week but this month a lot has being happening, as well as 'family kind of things' , I had a interview for a fashion course two weeks ago. I was given one week to make my portfolio along with a few days to complete my ucas application which made me a very busy bee. Luckily I got one of the last four places for the course, which is amazing and means from September I'll be able to call myself a 'fashion student' how exciting! 
The statement I've used for this title really makes me think, and I completely agree with it.. A few funny looks are nothing if you enjoy what you're wearing.
outfit one: giant ostrich kind of dress
I love this dress and think the sequin draped jacket would look amazing with it, kind of a multicolour zebra but then crossed with the feather dress. Also fishnet socks seem to be pretty fashionable at the moment and add that bit of detail any ankle boots.
outfit two: leopards and faces
This outfit is a real miss match of all sorts, with metallics, prints, pastel colours.. the lot!
outfit three: stripes and florals
I'm a huge fan of blazers and trousers at the moment, and think the clashing prints would look so fun on, I also love the white flatform brogue style shoes to add that bit of length to your legs with the striped pants.

all images via. Polyvore.
Hope you are all well!



  1. I love this outfits. Do you know where the jacket and dress from the first outfit are from? That'y my favourite of the three. Love, Sara xx

    1. Yeah of course, I'll link you to them.

      Hope this helps. xx

  2. the last outfit is perrrfect I love the blazer. also congratulations!! xxxx