Monday, 14 January 2013

DIY; Lace Skirt

Ever heard to quote "you look like you are wearing your nans curtains" .. Well you actually can!
If you are anything like me, you hate throwing things away however old net curtains are something I'm not really a fan of keeping (until now that is) .. This DIY will show you how to transform a unloved curtain to a maxi style skirt in hardly any time at all.
(I usually photograph my DIY post but I've been thinking and thought it would be easier for you to see how to do it, from a video.. It's the first time I've recorded a video so sorry its not up to scratch). 
you will need: 
- a old lace net 
- pins
- needle and thread 
- waist elastic
 measure your waist and cut enough lace and elastic to fit.
 pin both raw edges together and sew (I used a machine but hand stitch is just as good, just make sure its tight, don't want the skirt to fall apart whilst wearing it) 
with using a net curtain you already have your waist band sewn (just don't sew up the gap)
 this is where you will thread the elastic
(try adding a safety pin to the elastic as it will be easier to work it through)
 hand stitch the elastic band
 hand stitch to sew the lace together
 make sure to wear a body-con style skirt underneath
(you could make one in the same method as this)

You could actually make any skirt from any material using this method except you would add a hem&a waist band. Any fabric you like! I will post a outfit based around this skirt tomorrow to. 
Hope this helps& give's you some ideas. 


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