Saturday, 20 October 2012

Everybody's dressing up, I'm dressing down/

I think dressing down 'party dresses' is a good winter style, I always feel like I don't get much wear out of them during the colder months so I thought I'd show how you could wear dressy dresses for day wear.
dress; #
coat; # 
bowler hat; #
necklace; #
satchel; #
boots; #
Layers; by adding layers to this outfit it will take the detail from the dress and to looking at what you are actually wearing with it, tartan is also a Autumn trend therefore adding this coat will suit it best to this season. I would also add simple black tights to keep you warm. 
dress; #
faux fur coat; #
cardigan; #
tube scarf; #
belt; #
shoes; #
Maxi dresses/skirt are always great for winter as they are easy to just pop on with a basic tee/jumper. To really dress down this look I added a snood style scarf this takes away the neckline along with a casual grey cardigan which adds a autumn colour theme. I thought I'd add detail to this look with the little fox faces loafers..I love them but they are quite expensive however you could probably do a DIY to a basic black shoe to get a similar look.
dress; #
beanie hat; #
scarf; #
bag; #
boots; #
Beanies are pretty 'big' this season (I've just ordered this myself) and I think teaming a very detailed dress with a backpack and beanie instantly makes it look casual. I love these boots to, plus they are pretty cheap.
I would wear black tights with this look too. 


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