Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas Crazy

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, I've kind of reached the age when Christmas isn't as exciting anymore (I was actually more excited at the thought of the food more than anything else). I didn't want to do a post about all the presents I received (mainly as a lot of people don't like that and instantly think your 'bragging or spoilt') however I got mostly money as presents since I'm going to Disneyland with five of my friends in Jan. I did get a lot of little bits and bobs along with a Kindle, I'm starting to think how did I ever read without one (lying down reading without the arm ache is amazing!).

Needle point Dr Marten Brogues; (present); £75 (here they have gone to £55 in the sale)
Velvet lace dress; Topshop Sale; £15
Pattern Dress; River Island Sale; £12 
(I love this dress more than anything, the print if perfect! I think I'm going to wear it for New Year, I think it could be the best £12 I've ever spent).
Leather/ Suede bag; (present) Zara; £60 (I think it has gone down in the sale to, how annoying)
Snakeskin Kimono; H&M sale; £10
I've never really been one for fighting threw the sales for a cheap price but I haven't bought myself clothes for a long time so thought I'd give the sales a go.. I'm so glad I did, two dresses and a kimono for around £40 is cheap as chips. 
Hope you are all well.



  1. That River Island dress is amazing, I love the print! Can't believe it was only £12 as well!! xx

    1. Ah thanks so much! &I know, I grabbed it so quickly when I spotted it. Love your blog. xx

  2. love the river island dress, will be hunting it down in the sales tommorow! xo

  3. I love the tapestry Dr Martens! I think I'll have to look for that Chelsea Girl dress, it looks so French Renaissance! xxx

    1. Thanks so much! &I know, have to grab it quick whilst its so cheap. xx

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